Well, now it's time for my Epcot articles to take another turn. Before I begin I just want to let everyone know that I appreciate all my hard work for making these articles so that I can still progress the way they used to be. Most of the pics that I have posted in these articles are from some of Martin Smith's videos. For those of you who don't know, Martin Smith has made a number of tribute videos of Disney World past and present. I talk to him regularly and were sort of good friends, so I don't think he doesn't mind me using some of them. If you wanna find out more on his work, go to Mousebits.com and you will find them, you can also find them on Martinsvids.net, and now after talking about Future world pavilions from the past, it's time for me to talk about attractions from world showcase; as I had said before, I'm only gonna talk about those with rides and movies, I will try and put as much true facts about them as I can, and if there's something I did wrong, I hope I don't offend anyone. I decided to start with this one.

The reason I've decided to start with Norway was because my great, great grandfather was somewhat Norwegian, he was actually born in Sweden but spent most of his life in Norway, after when I read his autobiography, it was really amazing to see what a proud man he was, he wasn't a poor man but he was dedicated, so in someway, I am Swedish and Norwegian. And now, on with the show.

Norway opened in 1988 and it's still the current one up to date. One of the notable buildings is this Stave church; they say that there were lots of Stave churches all over Norway, now they are numbered under 30.

Inside, there is a ride called Norseman that takes you through the history of Norway from the Viking days to today, inside, there is this mural that displays the entire history of Norway.

As we are seated inside our boats, we descend into a dark tunnel and a Viking god, probably Odin, shines a light on us and tells us were not the first to pass. When I first went on that, it was kinda creepy.

As we pass some Viking villages, we enter a cursed forest with a three headed troll; he curses us for trespassing and sends us backwards.

After passing by some polar bears, we do get an outside view almost like were going back into the waterfall. The trolls return and send us to the North Sea; we go down hill and are now looking at modern view of an oil rig on a stormy night. We now dock into a seaside town and have to wait to exit.

Now, we have the option to watch a 5-minute film on the history of Norway or we can just exit.

I always stay for the film because it is very interesting so I always stay to see it. The movie shows us how Vikings conquered the seas up to modern times. Mostly, we see a little boy looking at a mast Viking ship, while the rest of the film just shows us what Norway is like today, it looks like most of Norway adopted some of America's customs from architecture to fashion.

Now we exit into a gift shop that displays winter wear and even Viking toys like swords and helmets.

Well, my first world showcase article; hopefully, the others will have more detail than this. Take care.