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“You can't go, you just can't!” cried Sarah. “You have a family God damn it! Susan needs you, I need you!”

“Please don't make this any harder then it already is!” pleaded Max “I'm doing this for us, this is the only way I can give Susan a decent future, you know that!” Sarah just stared at Max, tears streaming down her face, not knowing what to say to him. She knew he was right but she would never admit it.

“There has got to be another way!” She screamed as she threw herself into his arms. “I wish there was baby, God I wish there was.” whispered Max. He felt Sarahs small fist beating against his chest, tears began welling up inside, he realized that this would probably be the last time he would ever get to hold her like this, but there was no turning back now.

It had been two weeks since Max enlisted in the corps. The Silver Spheres were planning to attack and he needed to do something to protect his family, not to mention the recruiters offered anyone who signed up a years worth of pay upfront. This was just the break he was looking for. Now he could send Susan to school and be able to pay off the apartment, they would finally be back on their feet.

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Now none of that seemed to matter. Max thought to himself, was it really worth abandoning his family? He couldn't believe what he was thinking. “How could I be so selfish?” Max said under his breath. Sarah raised her eyes to meet his, looking so small in his arms. “You're going to get caught up in it just like everyone else. You know you can't fight it.” He knew all too well.

“The transports leaving baby, I have to go.” He went over to Susan's crib where she was sleeping soundly and kissed her warm forehead. “Don't change Suzy, remember, I'll be with you always, take care of mommy for me.” He whispered. He walked over to where Sarah was standing. Max took her quivering body into his arms and kissed her. As he stood there with his eyes closed, feeling the warmth of her lips against his, he begged to anyone who was listening, just to stop time in that moment forever. The serenity of it all, the birds chirping outside the window, Susan sleeping only a few feet away and his wife in his arms, almost made the oncoming war seem impossible, like it was never going to happen.

He knew it was, though. In a few days he would be on the front lines fighting to avoid the crossfire, fighting to stay alive. Max opened his eyes, walked over to the door, picked up his bags and turned to take one last look at his wife. “I love you” he said and with that he closed the door and was gone.

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Sarah heard the transport in front of their building start up. She ran to the window and screamed at the top of her lungs, “DON'T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE CROSSFIRE MAX! CROSSFIREEEEEEE!” Max give a wave letting her know that he understood.