multi-player games just isn't the same as it used to be. Things like Xbox Live have basicly put an end to the fun kids used to have before the internet was mass used.
I don't think any body walks to there friends house to play toe jam and earl any more.

I remember when all of my friends used to meet up to trade pokemon on our gameboys and gameboy colours to help us win at pokemon.

We also used to pick a friends house buy using "ip dip dogs s**t" (we knew curse word from watching no age appropriate movies) to decide where we would play the latest copy Zelda. we always used to help each other out before we knew what the internet was or what gaming magazines were, we only read comics then.

I know Zelda wasn't multi-player but we didn't care we passed the controller around to play the game. we did this with many games like super Mario world, Banjo-Kazooie and all the Zelda games.
I usually brought my game to a friends house to get some help when I was stuck in a dungeon. Life was good then. We did similar when we played beyblades. Me and one of my friends (his name was Gerry) had enough beyblades to supply an army with 2 each. I always got mine imported from Canada and for Christmas and birthdays.

We "bladed" when we watched the show and the human interaction is something you can't get from MMORPGs or an Xbox live game. Nothing Beats 2 friends battling with plastic toys all for fun.

Well Thats it for now see you all soon.