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Harness the lightning and channel it to the flux capacitor, we're going back in time to ninth grade geometry.

Ninth grade geometry should've been the most boring class of my life. I was surrounded by Juniors and Seniors, mostly your prototypical meathead or girl whose receiving child support, and I had a teacher straight out of a John Hughes movie.

My geometry teacher's voice could make a five year old who recently consumed mass amounts of pixie stix fall into a coma. I can't think of anyone who would rather have a conversation with him than going to jury duty, scout's honor.

Point-blank, we might as well have had a cardboard box teaching us.

The stage was set for the longest seventy minutes of my day, but it turned out that the purely academic class gave me the opportunity to explore my creativity. I grabbed some paper and a pencil and started drawing.

Pretty soon, I grabbed a sketchbook and took it to school with me, along with some ink pens and sharpies. I actually looked forward to the class.
Here's some stuff I scanned from the sketchbook:

Jack and Sally


I drew this to be used as a poster for the improv troupe at my school and I had to white out the name of my school haha

I drew this because this kid sat behind me and he was always complaining about lack of sleep



I drew this for my friend Alex and she got it tattooed on her shoulderblade

We All Scream for Ice Cream

I drew a lot of stuff in English Class as well. I think some of these were characters from the book we read.

Baba Yaga the Mountain Witch



The Many

A lot of my teachers discourage drawing on things we turn in, but what can I say? Old habits are hard to break.