We all know we loved the classic Shows that aired on and on in the late 80's and early to mid 90's.From the live action shows like You Cant Do That On Televison,Welcome freshmen,Pete and Pete,Salute Your Shorts,Full House,All That,Perfect Strangers,Family Matters,Hey Dude to the game shows and all the great cartoons and so many more.Something about that time period with Nick and other channels just felt right and im not just saying this because it was my childhood.I watch the shows that are on now on any channel and alot of it just dosent have Imagination.They practically took off saturday morning cartoons and with Snick and TGIF off the air it just feels like T.V. is one big drama.Todays televison dosent have that one special thing that makes you wanna get up early to watch cartoons or stay up late on fridays and saturdays to watch your favorite Nickelodeon or ABC showsarticle image.Dont get me wrong though their have been a few decent shows now and again but nothing compaired to the classics of yesterday.Ive been wishing for a while that they make a Classic Nickelodeon channel and I have even made a cause on facebook about it called Save Classic Nickelodeon article imageyou can be in it by going here http://apps.facebook.com/causes/432846/99545157?m=12d3bddc
I do realize that times do change and so do people and that some of these classic shows might be too old fashioned for the kids of today but I also think some of the shows aired on Nick might also be making the kids seem to grow up faster and not act their age as well.But really just to be able to have a channel to remember my childhood would be amazing and im sure some of you would agree with that as well.