I was born in 1980, so I was there from the begining. As I approach my 30th birthday, I look back more and more at my childhood and how things have changed since. I have become the generic old man that curses modern toys and music and such in the, "back in my day" fashion that my dad used to do when I was a youngster. I as well as my wife, friends and sister feel that the 80s and 90s were the best decades, probably because it's when we grew up as every generation feels their times were the best.
My DVD collection is littered with cartoons from my life as a child. He-Man, TMNT and Transformers are a few. (My collection is still growing!) I am amazed at what passes as "cartoons" nowadays on saturday morning TV. My son wakes me up at the crack of dawn to watch these so called cartoons and seems just as disgusted as me. With the exception of Sonic X and TMNT, he really doesn't get into them. He prefers my cartoons from the dark ages, thank god.
I watch the horror films from my era, not the remakes that have been coming out. MY Freddy was Robert Englund and MY Nightmare movies were tounge in cheek. Now they're remaking it to be overly serious and with a new actor playing the role. Serously, leave films alone. they were great the first time around.
I feel that in this new millenium, originality is dead. There are new cartoons that are amped up remakes of 80's toons. The new TMNT is okay, but it has lost the cartoon feel and turned into something dark and violent that I don't think is appropriate for children. They say these cartoons are for the kids and the adults. I ask why. Why are they making new cartoons for old folks like me. I would rather buy the DVDs of the cartoons from my time and relive my childhood. Cartoons are for kids, leave it that way and take out the over excessive violence!
Besides the raping of classic horror into rehashes that barely have the spirit of the original and the new cartoons, I have the biggest problems with video games and comic books. I am a major fan of both, but in this aconomy, I can afford neither, but in a way I am glad. Comics are getting stupid with the deaths and returns of characters. Hell, I thought Jason Todd (Robin) was killed off, but they seemed to have brought him back as a lunatic. And over half of the JLA is dead! I don't get it and will stick to my comics from the 80s and 90s.
Video games have become nothing more than a military traning program for kids. I played games with a fat plumber that hit blocks with his head and shot flames after he found a flower. I saved a princess from the evil Gannon. I fought in the the streets and my Kombat was Mortal. It was all about imagination and an escape from reality. Now all I see is graphics so real that I swear I'm watching a movie and people getting blown away in a remake of the wars of history. Give me back Sonic and Mario and Link. I will pick Earthworm Jimm over Splinter Cell any day. Kids nowadays play with toys that are basically dumbed down weapons of mass destruction! My son loves Transformers and TMNT and games from a time when being a child was more innocent and fun. As Americans, we are warping our youth and letting violence be a babysitter. Not in my house. My son is being rased the way I was, with imagination and innocence and enough love to fill the universe. When he's old enough to make his own decisions, he can do or play whatever he wants. Me, I'm living in the past and plan to stay there where it was safe to be a kid.