Thangs of My Childhood Growing Up so the thangs of my childhood growing up and here it is I love to share it with you all and somthing that. I want to write about and share a little bit about my childhood I will post more articles latter on some other time. I hope I can share this with everybody so I hope everybody likes this. article image This is a picture of me back when I was 5 years old back in 1989 you see I grew up back in the late 1980's and early 1990's and when I was a child. I was and used to be an energetic child growning up. I had such a high energy about myself and was a wild child as well and loved to do practicly everythang possible that was lots of fun to do. article image I grew up watching ths vary greatfully awesome classic like the 1980's television shows like Who's The Boss? it was a vary cool vary awesome classic television show and one that I happen to grow up with I was born in the year 1984 the same year that Who's The Boss came on the air. Who's The Boss was just one of my favorite 1980's television shows back in the 1980's growing up and I still love to watch it to this vary day today. I thought it was a vary awesome and a vary cool show that I loved watching and I still do today even article image When I was growing up back in the early 1990's I loved watching movies like "First Kid" it too was awesome and a vary and a vary good classic of a good movie. I will allways love this movie from the 90's and I will allways watch it and watch it again and is and has allways be a great movie to watch again and again. Movie like this back in the 1990's were allways great to watch and I am glad I own my own DVD today and once in awhile I will pop it in and play it and watch it and is allways a vary good movie to watch.