A Non-Traditional Christmas

A list of the best movies that happen to be at Christmas
HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Yup its that time of year again where your counting down how many sleeps are left before your can get your greedy grubby little paws on a plethora of brand spanking new toys, weather you be a child getting that new Tickle Me Elmo or latest game system or an adult getting that new HDTV or latest game system if there is one thing that we have a species have learned over the years its that Christmas is just as much a time of getting as it is a time of giving.

But in all seriousness this is the time of year you see your lists of the greatest Christmas whatevers pop up everywhere. I find movies are the most popular list so I figured I jump on the old Christmas list bandwagon like the bandwagon jumper that I am. Thing is much like the rest of you I'm getting tired of the same old "Best Christmas movie lists" so for your pleasure I bring you a list of nine non-traditional Christmas movies, some of them may not be about Christmas as such but no one can deny that they are all gifts. Enjoy!