#7: RICK THE MODEL MARTEL: rick martel walked out on tito during their strike force match with the brain busters at wrestlemania 5, leading to tito being beaten horribly by arn anderson and tully blanchard. he thought tito meant to hit him with the flying burrito but it was all a big mix up...whoops. as the model he was awesome too, spraying jake the snake in the face with his cologne "arrogance" blinding jake in one eye.

#6: BAM BAM BIGELOW: my man is from asbury park, new jersey. asbury park is so ghetto that alone gives bam bam a free pass as one of the best heels. that's all i'll say about the beast from the east.

#5: MACHO MAN: ok macho man would literally throw miss elizabeth in front of his opponents. there's also the whole mega-powers exploding thing. he turned his back on the hulkster (gasp) and basically everyone began hating macho after that. but macho man was a great heel especially as macho king. i LOVED when he started rolling with sensational scary sherri and was like "miss elizabeth, pft."

#4: RAVISHING RICK RUDE: hello ladies! oh wait that was val venis who ripped off rick rude. anyway, the rude awakening was such a sick finisher and the name rude awakening is such a sick name for a finisher. remember when rude and warrior had the pose off? dude, rude totally shoulda won.

#3: MILLION DOLLAR MAN: ted dibiase was such a great heel. i read the bret hart book and bret talks about how vince always wanted to be a wrestler and the million dollar man angle was created for vince himself. now later on vince did wrestle but back in the day instead he made ted dibiase the million dollar man and treated dibiase as such. he had first class everything, top shelf anything. he put him up in the best hotels, etc etc. and dibiase was so great as a smug rich guy, i mean i can't think of anything i hate more than rich people. this idea was genius and dibiase worked it. at one point he wanted hercules to be his slave, made some kid do pushups for money and when the kid failed by one he didn't pay up, and treated virgil like an indentured servant...awesome.

#2: UNDERTAKER: does anyone else remember when taker killed hulkamania? i do, he wrecked hogan at survivor series '91 and made little kids cry. the year before he debuted and ted dibiase was the guy who brought him in...coming full circle now. anyway, taker was sick, from the way he came out to the way he fought. he also just destroyed every person he's ever fought at a wrestlemania, the guy's perfect at mania...which leads us to number one...

#1: MR. PERFECT: he was absolutely perfect. what else is there to say? the best wrestler of all time to boot. i mean the man smashed the wwf championship belt with a hammer, hulk was PISSED. he did everything perfect and people hated him for it because they were taught growing up that no one is perfect...well curt hennig was. i remember he did this thing where he spit his gum out and smacked it, which i still do to this day. the perfect-plex was the best finisher ever, it was absolutely perfect like curt.