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You might have saw some MGM cartoons on TV edited due to stereotyping. Tom and Jerry is also a part of the list!

It's just known that most of these cartoons feature either Tom or Jerry in you know what. That's right.....blackface. Blackface is considered racist as of today because of racist African-Americans.

One of those cartoons that were racist was controversial cartoon His Mouse Friday, which had been the most controversial cartoon ever since. Almost most of the cartoon has blackface all over the cartoon, and they have had two edited versions of the cartoon before it was banned:
One version had muted out all of the black savage dialogue.
Another version retains the dialogue, however cut the scene where Jerry meets a real savage.
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Since His Mouse Friday has not been shown on Cartoon Network, this cartoon has never been shown again. Volume 3 of Tom and Jerry's Spotlight Collection does have His Mouse Friday, but is presented in the second edited version.
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Jerry in blackface, as seen in the cartoon.

People might ask me about the dialogue, well, what the black savages said in the cartoon at the end was "MMMMMM........barbecued cat!" and "MMMMMM......barbecued mouse!". Kids viewers didn't know what the savages were saying in the first edited version of the cartoon, but they would if they read their mouths.

The second version you can find it on the third Spotlight Collection volume.

If you can find the uncut and restored version of the cartoon, you are lucky, because finding that version is rare and hard to find at the same time, and that's all I'll spill for today. If you have any questions on the article, please comment!

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