first of all, the rat king. he was my favorite villain. he had sodacan grenade things...i mean him and leatherhead got into a scuffle and it was awesome. rat king was by far the coolest tmnt character period for me.

the scuffle leads me to leatherhead, not neck or face...get it right pals. he had a cajun accent and loved gumbo but was from the everglades? that makes no sense...but still a cool rogue and he tortured 4 frogs...instead of turtles.

baxter was kinda like New Jersey's own toxic avenger in that he was a skinny nerd who became mutated...the comparisons end there. toxie is tough and kills people. baxter is lame and scared all the time.

slash looked mentally challenged. i thought his toy was so great but when i watched him on the cartoon i was and then one episodes he became smart and then went back to normal later on...what was up with that?

ok so i think he was a good guy then became a villain, i don't really remember which. but the toy was just magnificent. it was so cool looking i could never put it down.

krang's number one man. he was no joke, remember him coming through from dimension x and just wreckin things...well i do.

remember trash heap from fraggle rock? kinda the same or not. but this guy was another one who i remember as both good and bad in the same episode. i can't remember i think he went from bad to good...and he's up there with mutagen man as one of the coolest looking figs.