ok first ninja 3: the domination. great movie the opening fight scene with the ninja at the golf course is worth checking it out alone. later when he dies and transfers his spirit to a female construction/phone worker...not sure he gives her his sword, disappears into the ground, and she begins being possessed by his spirit to avenge his death. also she befriends and sleeps with this cop thats chest hair looks just like michael scott's...or steve carrel's.

now this movie is based on the ray bradbury book, which i never read, but was forced to watch in elementary school in the library. the first time i saw it, i loved it, its crazy she can pour orange juice and milk out of her fingers! anyway, only a few people that went to my elementary school remember it, and all love it.

ok so this one a lot of people will remember but its not as widely known as most 80s movies. its great, the mother from malcolm is in it. so the main guy dies, realizes to go to heaven he's gotta help this kid, kid ends up being HIS kid he sees malcolm's mom realizes it was his kid...blah blah his kid becomes cocky and almost dies the same fiery way. check it out

this is way better than deliverance...its got cajuns too. a group of national guardsmen go on like a training exercise in the louisiana bayou and have a run in with the local cajuns. they scare them by shooting a blank after stealing their boat and the cajuns return fire but actually shoot and fatally wound one of the guardsmen. then a deadly cat and mouse game in the bayou begins...just great.

great old slasher flick from the 80s...the killer dresses up as the team mascot its a bear...look closely i think its kanye west.