For those of us in our 30s there is a special time that now only exist in our memories. Do you ever take a minute out of your everyday adult life as a parent or a professional where you have nothing but responsibilities and deadlines and reflect on how life use to be? When mom or dad or ma'ma or papa woke you up for school and you ate breakfest in front of the tv watching bozo or the usa cartoon express? Going to school and talking about star wars or transformers or gi-joe? trading cards. Coming home to the family and sitting down to watch the afternoon cartoons and then going out to play with your friends. No cares in the world except being home before dark with mom cooking dinner. Sitting down to eat waiting for your favorite tv show to come. Alf, the fall guy, the greatest american hero, the many great shows that makes us wonder what has happend to tv today.

Looking forward to friday.The last day of the school week. Asking your parents if your best friend can come stay the night. Waking up Sat morning to donuts and sat morning cartoons.Waking your brother or sister up to come watch cartoons. arguing over which one to watch. Is it your turn to watch superfriends or your brother or sisters turn to watch godzilla or some other show?

Maybe remember what it was like the first time you came home and you seen your first VCR on the tv. Looking forward to going to the video store and picking out movies. When your best friend came to sopend the night and you ordered pizzas and rented movies and set outside talking about school and the girl or guy you had a crush on. How slow the days went by and now seem like they were a million yrs ago and would give anything to just go back to spend one day in 1983, 1984,85, 86, 87. When our parents were young and our grandparents were just a phone call away. Life was so simple and great. The 80s was such a special time. Not just because of all the great shows and movies and toys that were remember but because of the innocence and the freedom and out loved ones all around us who have now passed on.
....and now we can wake up and snap back to the reality of 2009. Back to our jobs and families and once again put those memories back in our mind and not dwell on the things that have past that we can no longer have. Lets wrap those precious memories up and keep them. They are all we have left.

I hope all of you share such wonderful feelings and precious memories of growing up in the llate 70s and 80s.