Hello again Retrojunkies, Mcogfan has returned once again with yet another Epcot article for you another blast from the past. Just wanted to let everyone know that I went to Disney world back in September and I have to say it was wonderful, all the time I was there, I had thought about the old attractions that I miss and wrote about. I have to admit that I suffered severe blisters on my feet from a lot of walking, that's what they say when you walk around Disney world, Epcot in particular when they say "Every person comes out tired," they're not kidding. Anyhow, now for another golden oldie, this time,

This was one of those attractions I wish they didn't have to change. Here guests get a view on sea life and how man has come to discover life. It's said to be the largest sea aquarium in central Florida and holds 6.5 billion gallons of water. The pavilion was planned to part of the grand opening in 1982, but complications arose and the pavilion opened in 1986.

As we approach the attraction, we see the rock shaped sign and a wave of water that crashes from behind. I somehow can't see how the shoots from behind, that was a great effect.

Before we enter, we see a mural of the sun setting on the ocean. This was a definite piece of Floridian art, especially if you were living in Miami.

In the queue area, we see some memorabilia and antiques on those who made sea life possible. From diving tubes to diving suits, and also a model replica of the submarine from 20,000 leagues under the sea. I rode that ride in Magic kingdom only once and I missed it. Only wish I got to ride it again.

Now we make our way into a 360 degree film room and we see slides about how man has made it possible for us to discover the ocean, for some reason I found this show to be real intriguing and wonderful. I remember when I went back in 2000, the format changed and we were given a choice as to whether we wanted to see the film special in the next room or take the hydrolator elevators; I always seemed to want to go to the film because it was a real educational experience for me.

As we make our way into the second preshow, a female narrator explains to us in full detail about the birth of the ocean. We see what appears to be planet Earth before life existed, then a never ending rainstorm followed by a time lapse film at a beach; from there, we see the bottom of the ocean with sounds of clock chimes as the camera blacks out and comes back on, I always found that part to be very annoying in some ways, we see a submarine pod descending to the bottom and from there, a computerized design of an under water city.

And now, our narrator welcomes us all, to sea base alpha. As we make our way into the next room, there are three hydrolators that are ready to take us there.

Once inside, we see some rock formations through the windows and we get the feeling that we are going down as the rock shapes start to move, I wonder if those were like the tracks that are on battle tanks that make it move like that? I guess I'll never know.

We exit the hydrolators and make our way into the seacabs, we then travel through the aquarium itself until we finally reach sea base alpha. Talk about being the longest time till we reach our destination.

Once inside, there are a lot of exhibits for us to see in the two story sea base alpha. One exhibit is a diving chamber where guests can see divers exiting or getting ready to go on dive. I liked this part a lot, if I recall guests can go on a dive if they choose but I hope that still is possible.

Here's another fun part, guests can go inside one of those suits and try their luck on switching some controls. There was a picture of me doing that but it didn't come out good.

Guests can also view certain types of sea creatures from Manatees to violent types as well, I remember when I was little I got stung by a jellyfish and hoped that there were none here even though I had nothing to worry about, but still I feared jellyfish to this day.

When we're ready to exit, we go through another hydrolator and that will take us to the top. We see an ocean like pattern on top of us and the light grows brighter as we ascend. The doors open and we enter the park.

I didn't know this but there is restaurant on the way side of the park. I had a hard time trying to find it but I finally found it at last. I never ate there and don't know the name of the place but I think as you eat, you can look into the aquarium.

Sadly, the ride changed in 2005, and got refurbished to the seas with nemo and friends, I did not in any way like it at all but I went on it with my nephew, he had a great time but I was real disappointed, if they were to change it, I only wish they could've kept it like it was and give it a little bit of an update instead of changing it. I sure will miss it.

Just wanted to show you another old picture of me when I was 13 and I really fat by the way. In case you're wondering, I'm on the left, that's my aunt in the center and my sister on the right, this was done back in 1991, it was also my second visit to the park and I was gonna see world showcase for the very first time. I wasn't all interested in that but I got used to it.

Just thought I leave you with a little something. Bye for now.