okay back in 1992 I was playing the NES when all of a sudden I heard the most awesomest words a kid good here my dad came in and said"We are going to Disney Land!"I was so excited and the next day we drove there because I do not live that far away it was the second time I went first time I could not remember so know I got to go on the big ones anyway I then found this ride:

yup you guessed it Mr.toads wild ride My dad asked me do you want to go on it? I replied, yes!Then I got on it and in an overview of the ride it is a zany adventure through England here is a inside photo of it:

ooh here is a scary pic

Also in this ride at the end you collide with a train and go to hell!Pretty odd for a Disney ride eh?This ride also once stood in Disney world but was taken down for a pooh ride.it caused alot of controversy but it still stands in Disneyland and I believe it will for a long time.The ride is also one of the few original rides still standing.
Well I hope you liked my article good bye!