Pokemon is something hat we have all heard of, and most of us have at one time had something to do with. Like all insanely popular franchises, it did have it's fair share on controversy; of course, most of it was pointless and caused by general ignorance or lack of understanding.

Pokemon was without a doubt, and still is without a doubt one of the most successful franchises worldwide. EVERYONE was into it. It was SO popular, that for all you know, you're cat was into it!

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Mr.Biggles lv.100 Zapdos will own you!

Lets face it. Controversy makes things interesting, and in a way, can make them more popular. Mortal Kombat for example, single handedly brought the ESRB into existence. I have decided to divide this article into sections according to each controversial topic. I find it is easier tor read this way. Thank you for reading, and for listening to me rant this far!


School. A penitentiary of sorts. You sit there, and do your work silently with minimal breaks, which are usually just to eat. When the bell rang, there was no bigger relief than loading onto the bus and heading home. While in school, however, we all attempted to have fun, and usually, this meant breaking a rule of some sort. Well, as I have mentioned, pretty much every kid in America was into Pokemon, and so naturally, it worked its way into the school system. The teachers did not like this. oh no, not one bit. Pokemon was BANNED from many schools, including my own. Having a Pokemon card, or game was one of the worst offenses, and if you were caught, you may as well have been holding a crack pipe and a gat.

Much like drugs, Pokemon was addictive. Once you started it, you had to have it. Many of us sneaked our Gameboy systems into school in our book bags, or sometimes in our pockets if they were big enough(Hoodie pockets where the best). We even brought in our card collections in binders, passing them off as schoolwork binders. There was the occasional time when someone would get caught with Pokemerchandise, and eventually, news would find it's way around the school. This is not to say everyone got caught - in fact, in my school, few did. i remember in one instance, no one in my 4th grade class could find Lugia in Gold and Silver(bunch or idiots we were). Except for this one kid named Dustin. He was a rather big guy with short black hair, an an unquenchable thirst for all things Pokemon. A Pokemaniac is there ever was such a thing! So, what did we do? we all brought him our cartridges! he would take them home, catch Lugia, and return them to us the next day. IN YOUR FACE SCHOOL SYSTEM!


OH. MY LORD. I cannot begin to explain how much this annoyed me. I am a Christian, and have been raised in a Christian home my whole life. I know the Bible well, and I know evil when I see it. I see nothing evil or satanic in Pokemon whatsoever at all. Did this stop Preachers and Evangelists from making claims? NOPE!

My pastor was one of such people making these claims, and honestly it is one of THE dumbest things I have ever heard. I remember one time asking him just why he thought they were evil, to which he replied "They have powers."......SO DOES SPIDERMAN!

All across America, parents were a throwing their hissy fits because "My child is addicted to Pokemon!"and it was basically like the D&D controversy all over again.

Some of these claims concerned such things as certain Pokemon being demons, specifically, ghost type Pokemon such as Gengar. True, they are ghosts. but are they portrayed as being evil spirits or in any way demonic? No. another claim concerned the Pokemon Houndoom. Houndoom's name is a straight giveaway to what he is. He's a hound....of doom. He is a black canine with some bones showing that has fire powers, so he must be from hell right? right. Well, that's what they said. Houndoom's Japanese name translates literally to "Hell hound", but people need to remember that it is just a name.

Also, just an interesting little tidbit; Some claim that if one were to play the Pokerap in reverse, "Gotta Catch 'em All!" can be heard as "I love Satan".


Can you believe it? they actually played the race card with Pokemon! there was a Pokemon named Jynx, a mermaid like Pokemon with a black face, and large lips. there's the controversy right there. that is it. How someone thought a Pokemon, that isn't even human, is supposed to mock any person of any race is beyond me. Of course, Nintendo retaliated by changing Jynx's skin to a shade of purple. seriously, people, look this up if you don't believe me.

Know what, america? since you decided to play the race card on one of my most beloved childhood franchises, I decided to counter your advances with THIS card.

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An episode of Pokemon aired in Japan involving a Porygon, and a long flashing sequence. The result was thousands upon thousands of seizures, which prevented the episode from ever airing in the states. No doubt, this event was tragic, but people still made a big deal out of it. i had one friend who's father banned him from even watching Pokemon because of it. This event in itself is not controversial, but the was people interpreted it is.


You remember those Burger King toy Pokemon around the time the first movie came out, and how they came on those neat little plastic Pokeballs? well, go figure, someone sued BK over it. They claim that their son suffocated on the Pokeball by sucking a half of it to his face, and not having enough common sense to blow it back off. Get out! For starters, you should have taught your kid enough common sense to know how to complete a full breath! Also, grow some Pokeballs and stop suing people!

This is just the controversy from back when I was into the games. for all I know, there are a million more Pokemon controversy stories since then. i hope you have enjoyed this look back on Pokemon controversy, and hope you will read my future articles as well.

The Pokemon - a parody of Tenacious D's song, "The Metal!"

You can't kill the Pokemon!
The pokemon will live on!
School tried to kill the Pokemon!
But they failed, as they were smite to the ground!
Christianity tried to kill the Pokemon!
But they failed, as they were stricken down to the ground!
Parents tried to kill the Pokemon! Ha,hahahahaha!
They failed, as they were thrown to the ground!
Aargh! yeah!

No-one can destroy the Pokemon!
The Pokemon will strike you down with a vicious blow!
We are the vanquished foes of the Pokemon!
We tried to win for why we do not know!

Pastors tried to destroy the Pokemon, but the pokemon had its way!
Digimon then tried to dethrone the Pokemon, but Pokemon was in the way!
Religion tried to destroy the Pokemon, but Pokemon was much too strong!
The world tried to defile the Pokemon, but the world was proven wrong!

It comes from hell!