Most manga films started out as comics but this article is about the brutal and gory films. Japan never really made big blockbusters like Hollywood but they did know how to make kick ass animation in the best way. I think the older manga films were better becuase they went all out with gore and the story telling was better. I think the new stuff today lacks allot of that which is a shame.

I haven't managed to watch this yet but remember seeing this in the video shops as a kid. I know it got good reviews.

Another manga film which I have yet to see although I think this was a series. I think James Cameron is trying to get this made into live action soon.

Probably the most violent and sexual manga film made that Ive seen anyway. I think Legend of the Overfiend was better than the second film they did which was Demon Womb. Even though the first seemed too much the story was more epic. Atleast if you don't like the films that much they both had great animation which I appreciated and still great mind blowing fantasy.

I haven't seen this film in quite a while but when I did see it I did like it but I found myself getting bored fairly quickly. I might have to give it another watch to see if I like it more now.

A popular manga film with lots of gore and great fight scenes. Similar to Dragon Ball Z in some ways. The series did quite well bu the live action film was awful.

This would have to be the best live action film based on a manga comic story and manga series. The fighting was great and it had a slick style to it and the story seemed interesting and unique.
Mark Dacascos did a good job and has the charisma and fighting skills for the leading role.
Tchéky Karyo's voice seemed to have been dubbed which is the only thing I didn't like about the film. Probably would have been better if they kept his french accent. Over all it was a decent watch especially if you like martial art films.

This my first manga film that I watched and the film that got me into this kick ass animation. I loved the fighting the shape shifting monsters. I didn't mind the sex although its a little crude at times but that's the Japanese for you. Wicked City has great story and up there with the best.
One thing I am disappointed with is the R1 DVD which I recently bought. I noticed they changed the English dub. It doesn't sound as good as the old voices atoll and takes away the edge from the film since the older voices were more sinister and suited the characters and dialogue more.

Like most manga films this was mean and gory. Its one that should defiantly be noticed more and split in two parts The Birth and Demon Bird which are both great. The introduction is awesome with creatures killing magical fairies in a gruesome way.
Unfortunately like the Guyver series it seemed unfinished but the two parts hold strong today and I would consider them a classic. Would have been nice to see Devilman fight Satin and know more about him and his friend. Also find out more on the fairies that were seen in the first part but I guess you just have to be satisfied with the ones they made.
A sequel was made recently, I noticed it had bad ratings so Ill give it a miss. I suppose they told all they could with it back then or the people who carried it on just didn't have a clue how to make and tell another story.

Vampire hunter D is quite dated and one of manga's earlier films. I think its great and the only thing it really lacks is the action which it could of had a bit more in it. There's some great scenes in the film and has that Victorian hammer horror feel to it. D is a great character which of course kills vampires but he is half vampire himself and has there unique strength and power. He also has a hand which talks he always tries to put D down with funny humor telling him just to give into his vampire nature and kill humans. A very dated animation but a classic with a great story.
They did make bloodlust but I wasn't to keen on it and lacked that oldskool storytelling the original had even though the fights were more intense.

I think the Guyver is one of the best series manga ever made. Its gory, brutal and very epic and the storytelling was great and characters were all interesting. I really liked all the transformations of the monsters and the Guyver's it seemed very typical Japanese which there great at showing.
Then came the live action films which were both disappointing although the second film was a bit more popular.
With all the rebooting going on with films the live action films could be a great reboot especially with the special effects now. Be great to see better fights and Zoanoid looking the sizes they did in the comics/original manga series also making it gory.
They could make a trilogy so they could complete the story. I think it would turn out great if they had the right cast and good director. Allot of it would have to be CGI but I think that's what the older live action films didn't have.

This is what the live action film should have been like. Ryu and Ken the main characters fighting against Bison and his henchmen. They managed to feature most of the characters from the game which was great even if you don't see them for that long. The music was really well done and the fight scenes were absolutely amazing especially Ryu vs. Fei Long.

Part of the cyberpunk collection. Its non-stop action all the way with some great animation. Not one of Mangas well remembered films but when I did some searching I managed to get it and it ended up being a really great choice. Theirs three episodes for three different characters Sengoku Gogul and Benten. There all great segments and each have menacing villain. My favorite episode would have to be Bentens which was the last episode with the vampire.
I don't think manga films can be made into live action I think there fine the way they are although some can work and Cyber City is one. I came up with a pretty good cast if they did make it into live action. Hugh Jackman would be great as Sengoku Ron Perlman/Gogul and Orlando Bloom as Benten.

The most well known manga film and the one that showed western audiences how good animation could be done even to an older audience. The story was clever although quite strange at times and the film itself was just epic in every way. Still one of the best even today.

This film was a breakthrough in animation mixing it with computer effects and worked brilliantly. I think this is a masterpiece its got so much. Although its a great story story it does get a little completed at times but still really enjoyable to watch. The action is great and intense and the characters are really likable especially Batou. The main character Motoko is interesting trying to find herself in a cyborg body and wants to find the answers from the puppet master who is also looking for her for its own reason's.

It's hard to say which is best manga film since they made so many great films and everyone has there opinion but I chose Ninja Scroll.
Its fast paced action and gory scenes were really fun to watch. The story was compelling and characters really interesting. All the villain's were great especially the Bee-man that had a hive on his back. The ending was epic and its just a classic film in my opinion.

I might have missed out quite allot since manga made quite allot of films but these were the ones I watched growing up and recommend to anyone who hasn't seen them yet. There great films and I'm sure you will enjoy them as much as I did.