Hey everyone, Buddy_ Rivell here again. Thank you all for the positive response on my First Article " He's My Pal Too!" I'm back at it again today to bring you a list of certain things I was scared of as a child, that today, make me wonder "why?" I will preface this article with two things.
1) These are the top things that scared me enough as a child to avoid them at all cost and enough to give me nightmares... Some, even to this day.
2) If you don't like this article, I promise I won't beat you up at 3:00. :P

Let's begin, shall we?

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He want's to call somebody. Not me I hope.

So this little fella was introduced to me when I was 5. My saint(an) of a mother promised me a movie of fantasy and friendship. I was down. So I sat down and popped in the ol' VHS for some good times... Boy was I wrong. My first impression of E.T. came in the scene of Elliot looking through the corn stalks and stumbling across our brown little friend. E.T. screamed and so did I. I ran out of the room and never watched the movie again until I was 13. You know? Wait until I wasn't a scared little boy. It's funny actually, today E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial is now one of my favorite movies, despite my childhood being filled with nightmares of him being in my dark bedroom and chasing after me. Thanks mom.

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Hey, I've seen this house before...

Kind of. The next thing on my list here is my old neighbor, Annie, from when I was growing up. What is the significance of this picture you may ask. Well, it damn near looks like the same house, except add 100% more trees and a broken cracked white picket fence and there you have it. I was afraid of this woman, whom we called " Psycho", because she used to come over to my house, when my parents weren't home, and bang on our door and wiggling the door handle saying " Open Up! I know you're in there!" As if that wasn't enough, this one time my sister and her friend hoped over her fence in the backyard, and she saw them. They came running back towards the fence. My sister's friend came over first followed by my sister. As my sister got to the top of the fence, she was grabbed by her jacket. "Psycho" was trying to pull her back over. Fortunately enough, me and my sister's friend had more pulling force on our side. She got my sister's jacket only. Moving on. I have so many stories about "Psycho" that could fill a whole article, but I'll try not to bore you.

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Thriller? More like Bone Chiller.

I remember the first time I saw this lovely face. I was getting baby sat by my old sitter, Holly. She was 16 and a beauty queen... enough about that. She came to watch us one day while my folks were at work. The standard protocal: Us kids play off somewhere while she stays in the living room and hogs the television. Well, in between play sessions, I ran downstairs to the kitchen... through the living room. She was watching MTV and this video was on. I liked it at first. Dancing pedophile Zombie and good music. Then this Micheal came ( No pun intended) on the screen. The second I saw this face, I jumped back, covered my eyes, and got the hell outta that room. Needless to say, this was something that I HAVE been able to watch since, without peeing my pants.

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Nothing retro about these stairs.

Yeah I know. Thanks for reminding me. Growing up, my bedroom upstairs scared the day lights out of me. For no particular reason. Just because my door was literally at the top of the stairs and everytime I walked out of the room, I would bolt down, in fear someone was behind me. In nightmares, E.T. was usually behind me. That's it.

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I'm Chucky, want to play? NO!

Oh man. I don't even know where to begin with this one. I am scared of " Gingers" enough as it is, let alone a " Ginger" doll. Don't know what a " Ginger" is? Look it up. I was first exposed to the fear of this doll at my babysitter's house at the ripe old age of 6. It was the trailer for this movie and all I remember from it was seeing the doll, pre-possession form, then panning to a scene where Chucky is looking through a key hole and laughing. All I know is that between Chucky and E.T., I was set for stars of my nightmares. The other thing that scared me about Chucky, was that he bared a striking resemblence to my cousin's " My Buddy" doll so everytime I was over his house and playing in his basement, that damn Chucky wannabe was around. Now a days, the Child's play movies, with the exceptions of 3 and Son Of..., are some of my favorite in the Horror Genre. And now the last of this list...

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Someone wasn't hugged enough as a child.

This big guy was one of the reasons I hated ROTJ. For those sleeping during the 80's ROTJ stands for " Return of the Jedi." Moving on, I remember the epic battle between Luke and The Rancor. I looked away everytime they showed the Rancor's ugly mug. I didn't have any nightmares of this guy, but was very glad our favorite little jedi killed him. I just remember he played a scary part in my childhood. As with others on this list, I am able to watch " Jedi" and any SW installment to this day without turning into a schoolboy bitch.

Well Guys and Gals, there you have it. A list of things that as a child, I was scared of, but now a days go "WTF?" I hope you enjoyed my second contribution to Retrojunk and please leave comments and don't touch me.

- Buddy_Rivell