Greetings again from the northern waistlands. It is I, Hero the Barbarian. There is a select group of movies that I have seen on opening night. Last night (Oct 1st) I added Zombieland to that collection.

What did I think of it? Described it as being an americanized version of Shaun of the dead. I respectfully disagree. Shaun of the Dead was a rare balance of actually funny British humor mixed with intense emotional drama. I only found out later that Shaun was an American made movie.

No, Zombieland is not that kind of movie, Zombieland is from start to finish, laugh out loud funny. There are no serious moments.

It stars Woody Harrlson, Emma Stone, and two other people I've never heard of. They are the four main characters each with their own set of rules for survival in a world overun with Zombies.

Everything about this movie is funny, yet all the characters are believeable and likeable. The lead character, Columbis, Is searching for some sort of family since all his family is dead. Woody Harrelsons character is searching for twinkies.

Of all the characters I related with Woody Harrelson's character the best, I've been looking for Moon pies for weeks and have yet to find a place that carrys them.

I won't give away too much of a the plot but I will tell you that this is one of those rare comedies that really put effort and good writting into it. Zombieland I believe is the Evil Dead of our time and is without a doubt the best zombie movie I've ever seen.