Ok, so ive been comming to retro-junk and reading the articles here for about 3 years now and ive never really thought of doing an article myself 1: because im
not really a good writer, 2: I never really thought anything in my life is worth writing about. But im sat here in work on a night shift and after watching
Friday the 13th part 3 i thought to myself of how much horror and horror films have been a massive part of my life and i would like to share it to the world,please excuse the spelling mistakes, Hope you enjoy the read.

So you know those geeks you were in school with that could of been part of apopular clique but wasnt, Well i wasnt one of them. I spent my high school days playing
video games, Watching the cheesiest of horror films and avoiding girls at all costs.Too say i was an outcast i guess is an understatment, I had friends but they were
the type who would only hang out with you outside of school at their parents housewhen they knew social suicide wasnt a factor, which to be honest i did not mind.
When they were out hanging out with girls in hopes of finger banging them at theback of the local chip shop i was at home with curtains drawn watching old school 80's
films staring the likes of lesser know actors such as Thom Matthews and Kane hodder.

I loved horror films, the ones where you can just sit there and turn off your brainand just enjoy the mindless gore and gratuitus nudity. From a young age i watched horrormovies, i have fond memories of watching Sam raimi's classic "Intruder" at the young ageof 6 at my aunties house (This film is AWESOME, a guy gets his head sliced in two witha bandsaw) and the funny thing is i dont remember ever being scared of horror movies even thoughsome of the films ive seen would give Chuck norris chills down his spine, Of courselike any other kid i had nightmares which sometimes invovled things ive seen on thecelluloid gems id seen on screen but it never detered me.

I remember the days of when my parents would go out in the daytime at the weekendsand leave me and my brother at home alone to go out and play with our friends or justsit and watch tv happily, But my brother and i just used this oppertunity to lock the doors,
draw the curtains and put a vhs on of what ever horror film we had not seen in the vastcollection we got after my aunty died (Just like me she had a Thirst for all things gorey)It was during this time that i saw many films that would shape my taste in film for i guess for
the rest of my life. I saw all the classics, The first two Evil Dead movies, The 4 first Friday the 13th films, The George A Romero dead trilogy and Pretty much any slasher movieyou could think of.

I spent my high school Watching these films at what ever chance i could get, when i wassuppose to be tidying my room id be watching a gore flic, If i went over my mates house It would be a quick blast on what ever super nintendo game was big at the time andwe would watch what ever film i smuggled out of my house before-hand, Of course if wegot caught watching What some parents called trash id be grounded faster than you could
say "Dead by Dawn". See my parents never minded me watching horror films, but they had a problem with nudity and so Whatever film i wanted to watch when they were around id haverun it by them first so they could watch it with me and fast forward all the nudity, But
most of my friends parents had strict rules with film watching, nothing above a pg, unless it was Gremlins which was a 15. So being caught in Your best friends house with Tom Savinis Night of the living dead 1990 remake being played on his tv in his bedroom instead of
Super street fighter Was quickly followed by a phone call to my mum and never being allowed to over my mates house again.

By the time i was in my final year of high school i had seen more horror movies than most of my school teachers combined, much to their dismay as i would regularly start conversations with groups of people in class talking about what ever horror film i had seen the night before
or what ever film they were playing on tv that night that i would of already had seen, as i said i was never popular in school but if anyone wanted the low down on a horror film that they missed the night before or because they wernt allowed to watch i was always the go-to-guy, which
in a way i liked, i was never looking for popularity but it felt good knowing more about something i was passionate about than pretty much any of the kids at my school.

So i left school, grew up too fast in my opinion and became an adult but unlike my brother or most i my friends i still stayed true to horror films, I did how ever get taste in what films i liked and started branching out in other genres of horror, I watched mainly american horror growing up but around about 18 i started watching Japanese horror such as the ring movies and also started watching italian shock movies like cannibal hollocaust and Zombie flesh eaters, at this point in my life i knew what films were Utter rubbish and what were absolute masterpieces.I no longer just watched films for gore but i started watching them for Story lines, what sort of
effects were used, atmoshpere and the general tone of the film.

Im not saying i was getting picky but i would say that films like Peter jacksons Brain dead although
Bursting full of pointless gore and shoddy effects and made with a less than modest budget was a better piece of film than say a big blockbuster horror like Tim burtons sleepy hollow. (which i do like) I think its mostly because Peter jackson didnt want to make an oscar winner but a fun film that didnt need a massive plot or well known actors but a linear story line piting a no-body against an army of zombies with what i can think is the most gore and blood ive ever seen in a film, which works to massive
effect. Anyone can make a blockbuster film based on a book whilst being back by a big film company ready to pile millions of pounds into it, but id rather see a film in which a lot more time and effort has been put into, such as making the special effects in a parents basement than see a CGI ridden film made by a bunch of Big shot movie producers. I dont want my horror films to be Realistic, i want a horror film with awesome set peices like Brain dead or C.H.U.D which leave you remembering them unlike a big hollywood film that will just blend into every thing else you will see.

Ok thats it for part one, i hope you liked reading my article, il write part two the next night shift i
work in about a weeks time.
Thanks for reading.
Marky Gore Von.