HFD Movie Review

Psycho kid flicks are horror films that show us that even children can be villains and do evil things. They're are a lot of famous psycho kid flicks like "Children of the Corn," "The Good Son," and the recently released "Orphan." There is another psycho kid flick out there but it isn't as famous as those ones I mentioned. This old psycho kid flick I'm talking about is underrated. This is a psycho kid horror movie that deserves to be told about to a new generation of horror movie fans.


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One day during this summer I was checking out stuff on Youtube and I came across a clip from an old film called "Bloody Birthday." I never heard of it. I watched the clip and looked up this movie on the net. I watched another video of this movie and I thought about buying it.

In August, for my birthday I went to Amazon and asked my mom to buy me a DVD of "Bloody Birthday." It was bought and I had to wait three weeks to get the DVD. It was about time!

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Now I'll tell you about the plot to this movie.

The Movie's Plot:
One night in 1970, three children were born during an eclipse of Saturn. Ten years later, these three little brats are secretly commiting murders on people they know. A boy and his older sister are aware that the three kids are not good little children and are actually evil. They have to stop them.

Here are the three little killer children. Meet Curtis, Debbie and Steven.

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I don't have much to say about these killer kids. When they are around other people, they act like good little children. They like to kill and they keep a book of newspaper clippings talking about murders they've commited. Debbie's the girl leader I guess, Curtis is the nerdy boy with the glasses and Steven is the blonde haired boy.

The Body Count: (Contains Spoilers.)
The movie maybe called "Bloody Birthday" but there isn't a lot of blood. If you haven't seen this movie, I just wanted to tell you that. There's about 7 kills in this movie.

1 shovel to the head.
1 strangle with a rope.
1 beating with a baseball bat.
3 people shot with a pistol.
1 arrow to the eye.

It's fast paced, entertaining, violent (but not gory) and worthy of checking out. It's about an hour and a half. Although I find the movie's origin for why the kids are evil to be a little ridiculous, I still call it a good psycho kid film. Check it out.