Just attempting to expand on my post from the forums. This is something I don't think I'll ever get. Having nostalgia for your childhood is one thing. I myself am guilty of that, which is why I'm here. But the way some people defend crappy shows, I'll never understand it. I once saw a video titled Classic Nick on YouTube. It was basically just a slide show of "classic" Nick programs. Videos like that are a dime a dozen, but in it there is actually time dedicated to a picture of freaking Taina. For those of you blessed to not remember I'm afraid I'll have to jog your memory. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr8ZtFEh8j8

Some of it has to do with personal preference, yes. But also some of it has to do with common sense. She belts out into song in the middle of every episode. There's nothing special about this show. Cliché dialogue and simple plots. Shows like Animaniacs were cutting edge because on top of being educational at times, the writers didn't talk down to kids. Hell, they even threw adult humor in the mix.

But just because something is from your childhood doesn't mean it's intelligent by any stretch of the word. Let's look at the ever popular Power Rangers.

Now for a kids show, I gotta say In Space, despite its flaws(and all of the Super Sentai spin offs had flaws) was kinda deep. There was brainwashing, baddies stabbing other baddies in the back, Ecliptor, the baddie that wasn't a baddie. But I'm talking about how fans defend the original Mighty Morphin. There's nothing special about this show either, just more cliche' dialogue and some lame attempts at romance. Now if you want to back up a show like Batman The Animated Series, I could understand that. Still, when I point out that a certain show isn't all that good from a substance perspective I get attacked and I really try not to attack anybody for their opinions. Does anybody agree that some shows are unjustly popular or am I just looking too much into it?