When I was a kid, going to a theme park was always exciting. I felt like I had been transported to another world after we entered the gate to the park. Each time I go to a theme park, I still get that feeling. In this article, I will be sharing with you the memories I have of going to a theme park for the first time.

The first park I remember going to is Universal Studios:Orlando. I was very young the first time I went here. Universal Studios: Orlando stays in mind because this is where I remember going on my first simulator ride and that started a lifelong love of simulator rides.
That ride was the Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera. I thought it was cool that you could watch a cartoon while riding a ride at the same time. Another thing that sticks out about my first time at Universal Studios was that we got to tour Nickelodeon Studios.
It was very exciting to get to take a tour of where the Nicktoons and game shows were made. I remember at the end of the tour they did games where members could compete and at one point they needed two volunteers to get slimed, my sister tried to volunteer me but I didn't want to get messy.

The second theme park I remember going to is Tokyo Disney. This was exciting because it was the first Disney park I had ever been to. There is one ride that sticks out in my mind was this one ride, Pinocchio's Daring Journey. In this ride you ride through and see scenes from the movie but there was one part that freaked me out, it was when we saw Pinocchio in a birdcage, at that point a giant birdcage came around our car for a few minutes.
One thing while finding this picture is that if you look at the birdcage next to Pinocchio, there is a doll from It's a Small World After All in that cage. The only downside to this trip was that it was raining and none of the characters were out to take pictures with.

The next theme park I remember going to is Knott's Berry Farm in California. Knott's was one of favorite parks because I lived Califorina for quite some time and this was the first time I actually remember getting into the characters. I remember that they had what I think is one of the coolest kiddielands for a park, Camp Snoopy.
I like Camp Snoopy becuase of how they try to give it a camping feel, hence the name Camp Snoopy.

The last theme park I wish to talk about is Legoland in California. I remember the first time I went there I just thought it was really cool how people could build an entire theme park based around a toy. The weekend it opened was right after my birthday, to me this was an awesome birthday present. Everything here is just amazing. I love all of their statues were built of Lego bricks I remember that they had a statue of Harry Potter in one of their shops.

It sort of looked liked this one. Another great memory I have from this park is that helped me overcome my fear of rollercoasters because I went on my first rollercoaster here. It was called The Dragon, nothing special really but it helped me to overcome my fear of rollercoasters. My favorite part of this park was and still is Miniland U.S.A, where they created famous landmarks all done in Lego. I awe struck the first time I saw and I wanted to try and build something like this
No such luck, though. I know I could to Legoland and spend all day looking at the models and forget all about the rides.

There you have it, what was first time at any theme park like? Did you enjoy it, or did you hate it? Are there rides that stick out in your mind from your first trip? Talk about this in the comments. Feedback is welcome about the article but please just leave constructive criticism.