I always felt that "The Next Mutation" is the one Ninja Turtles show that no one wants to talk about. I don't know why. While it was not as good as the old cartoon series, it is much better than the new version. It's ashame that the series didn't longer than one season because I feel it had so much potential to be a great show. It was something different and it was exciting to see The Turtles in live action on the small screen.

The show also introduced a new and the only female Turtle, Venus de milo. Venus according to the show was trained by another master and he died in the first episode and then Venus went to live with the Turtles and became the fifth member of the team.

Venus wasn't the change made. Also in this show, Shredder was no longer the Turtles' main enemy. They now had to deal with the Dragon Lord. I don't remeber much about him except he had annoying little sidekick.

Besides a new villian and a new Turtle, other changes made were that they changed the weapons of The Turtles. One change that bugged me the most was the exclusion of April O' Neal. I was not as upeset at Casey not being included because I didn't like his character back then. April, however was the coolest human character from the movies and old cartoon. I didn't like they decided not to include her. Although according to what I have read about the show, there were plans for a second season that would have inlcuded April and Casey.

The coolest thing to come out of this series was when The Turtles guest starred on "Power Rangers In Space". To me that just seemed so cool to have the Power Rangers and the Ninja Turtles on the same show. It was a pretty good episode. The Ranger's main villian, Astronema brainwashed the Turtles so that they would destroy the Rangers for her. I remebmber they reprogrammed and took over the Ranger's ship, and had it talking like one of the Turtles. That was pretty funny. There were also some pretty cool fight scenes. Epescially after The Turtles had regained control of their and helped the Power Rangers. It was awesome to see these two teams fight side by side.

There you have it, "The Next Mutation" wasn't a bad show for the Turtles but it wasn't the old cartoon either. It was much more action driven than the old cartoon was but just as light hearted. What do you thin? Write in the comments box