In this article, I will be talking about some awesome alter egos. This is not a countdown list but just a list of some of some of my favorite alter egos. Let's get this list going.

Buddy Love (really Julius Kelp) The Nutty Professor (1963) Buddy Love is the creation of shy college professor Julius Kelp. Unlike Kelp, Buddy Love is a handsome and somewhat obnoxious skirt chaser. Kelp uses his newfound alter ego to chase after one of his female students, Stella Purdy. The only downside is that this persona can wear at bad times. Here's Julius Kelp

GizmoDuck (really Fenton Crackshell) GizmoDuck is the superhero alter ego of Fenton Crackshell. The GizmoDuck suit was created by Gyro Gearloose but it didn't seem to work because no one knew how to activate it. It had a special code to activate it and that happened to be one of Fenton's favorite sayings. The word to activate it was Blatherskite. Fenton's catchphrase was blathering blatherskite. GizmoDuck is Scrooge McDuck's bodygurad and protects Duckburg at all costs. GizmoDuck, on occasion has travelled to St. Canard, home of Drakwing Duck to help to muck to Drakwing's annoyance because Darkwing seems to be jealous.

Super Grover (really Grover) Super Grover is the super hero alter ego of my furry blue monster on Seasme Stree, Grover. Super Grover is a superhero that seems to cause more damage than he does good but he is always willing to help.

Quailman & Quaidog (really Doug & Prokchop) Quailman and Quaildog are the superhero alter ego creations of Doug Funny. Doug usually writes a Quailman comic to help him solve a problem and usually turns the person that gave him the problem into the villian.

There you have it, these are my awesome alter egos. I hope you enjoyed the article.