To start with I'm not a hater of the recent Spiderman films its just that they could of been better.I thought Sam rami was a good choice but I felt that he made them to family friendly. I would of liked to see more violence and more of an epic feel to it.Also when I watched it I found I watching lots of teeny emotional scenes which was frustrating rather than a crying moment and then full on action for the rest of the film.
Now we all know the beginings of the Spiderman but to get it closer to a live motion picture there was the 70s show which was really great to watch as a kid but laughable when you watch it grown up mainly because of the special effects and standard of films these days but over all it was a classic.

Originally James Cameron was supposed of made it with the company Carolco but the rights expired and when they did, all the studios went after them because of Cameron's involvement. Cameron's script was supposedly very violent and very epic which I thought would of been great. MGM studios claimed the rights first but according to Sony Marvel hadn't sold the rights to anybody yet and basically things got very complicated and lawsuits came into the picture. Cameron abandoned the project because of legal feuds between the studios but also due to the fact that the CGI would of been to expensive. So he did True Lies instead.If he'd made it, Michael Beihn would have been cast as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr. Octopus. Cameron's concept of organic web-shooters and a spider bite instead of radiation were kept by Sam Raimi in the Spider-Man that made it to the screen.

Now to the web shooters when I heard that they were going to use organic web shooters I wasn't keen on the idea,I felt that Spiderman is a scientist and though he gains the ability to stick to walls I felt it was his own genius to design his web shooters using his spider like sense.In the end watching the film it turned out ok so I wasn't to fussed and I thought that it worked better for him to have organic web than mechanical because it wouldn't of been so complicated incase he ran out.

I really enjoyed watching the 90s cartoons I felt it took Spiderman to another level with great action and cool characters.It covered allot of stories and was really successful, it aired from (1994-1998).I could always remember the episode when Stan lee was in taking a ride across the city on Spiderman's back.My most favourite episodes were the Venom saga they were quite in impressive seeing Spiderman go against his most dangerous villain.

when I first heard about the Spiderman movie being made I couldn't believe it because I knew with the special effects they would do an amazing job.I always went to the library to get the latest info and pics and when I saw the the first image of Spiderman which is the first pic in my article it blew me away I thought it was going to be totally out standing but it was not to be.
I felt that Spiderman could of been allot more grittier and could of added better enemies from the start like venom or electro.

I have put together the actors which probably could of been in it during the 90s but don't forget these are all my opinion

Spiderman/Chris O'Donnell

I don't think that Toby McGuire's a bad choice but he seems too dorky to play Spiderman, I think its easier to have a cool guy play a geek than act strong and tough when Spiderman, than a geeky guy like Toby to play a nerd than turn into a hero.He just didn't seem believable enough to me but that's my opinion.I have Chris O'Donnell to be Spiderman I know what your gonna say robin but I think he would of been more suited to play Spiderman because of his quick comments and flexibility.

Aunt MAY/Maggie Smith

The nagging but caring Aunt May, I wanted Magi Smith to play her, I think she played an older relative in the film hook so she'll do.

the kingpin/Marlon Brando

Well he's an amazing actor and I think he would of suited the role well, not just because of his size but a mastermind criminal like in the godfather films.

Robert Deniro/doc ock

Robert deniro is another great actor and could play doc ock brilliantly.I think doc ock has to have a German accent like in the cartoons he was great in that but in the film he is a normal American and doesn't capture the evil mastermind character that doc ock is.

Johna Jameson/James Cann

I think James Can is apretty good choice to play Johna Jameson, I couldn't really think of many other people so it had to be him.

Mary Jane waston/Dina Meyer

To play Mary Jane Watson I have chosen Dina Meyer who is fit as hell and would make a really sexy choice,I think she would of been better than Kurtstan Dunst.

Eddie Brock,venom/Michael biehn or Anthony Michael hall

Eddie Brock is one of my favourite characters, in Spiderman 3 they have chosen weedy looking topher grace to play him and to be honest I don't think he is the right choice.Eddie Brock is a beefy guy full of rage and wants to take revenge on Spiderman on ruining his career and getting sacked.My fist choice is Michael biehn who is a tense and fiery as an actor he would be excellent especially in the film the abyss.My second choice is Anthony Michael hall who was fiery and evil in Edward sissorhand as the bully and could easily play Eddie Brock.

Norman Osborn The Green Goblin/Brad Dourif

I picked Brad Dourif because he's quite an twisted and evil as an actor, he plays quite allot of roles where he's like that and could pull off the Green Goblin really well with his trade mark laugh.
In the film the green goblin looked to me like a power ranger rather than the medieval clothing look from the cartoons and comics which I think they should of stayed with.

Harry Osborn/Giovanni Ribisi

I think that he could be great choice as Harry Osborn especially when he takes over Norman Osborns place and then turn into the demented Green Goblin.He's played some roles where he is quite wierd so I had to choose him.

Mar Flinto /The Sandman

Kurt Russell is one of my favourite actors when he was making films like Tombstone and Stargate. I think he would great as The Sandman he's always been a good fighter on screen could be a tough opponent for spiderman.

The Vulture/Ben Kingsley

Sorry I just had to he is the most awful villain in history and who better to play him than Ben Kingsley not that he is a bad actor but he is a spitting image lol.

Dr Conners -The Lizard/Dennis Quaid

I think that Dennis Quaid could play a great scientist experimenting then something goes wrong and he turns into deadly Lizard.

Electro/John Wesley Shipp

I dont know why but I found it hard to choose who could play Electro so I went for the easy choice and chose the guy who palyed the Flash but if any one has any ideas who could play him I wouldnt mind knowing.

The main reason why I wrote this article was to see how interesting it would of been if it was made in the 90's with the special effects at the time and would it of worked or maybe it could of been even better.I think if James Cameron made I think it would been great, when it comes to action he is on the ball all the time and it would of been more epic.It would be great to see who you would of choose back in the 90's.