In my home town of West Chester PA there is a Movie watching club of sorts called the West Chester Guerilla Drive In. I started going to the monthly film showings this June. I plan to go to many more in the future. This is a quick comic about my first experience with the Guerilla drive in. The thing that is great about the Guerilla Drive in is that they always show a retro film.

Here are some photos from the night.

For more info on the BTTF film check out HiroProtagonist's article at:

Hope you enjoyed this comic. Please visit the Guerilla Drive in website at:

I know that there are other similar things going on around the country. If your town has something similar it would be interesting to here about it.

Thanks again, I'm gonna go play some Mario 3 now....and then on Saturday I will be a married man!!!!! :) I treated this comic a little different than my previous comics, this one I took way less time to do and treated it more like a journal entry comic. I plan on going back to a video game related comic next...see you guys soon.