This is a cereal box prize.

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This is what you usually saw as a kid when you opened
a box of sugar based cereal one morning.

The concept of cereal box prize is just as old as the cereal itself,infact, even older.

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Originally, this box prize idea originated from Cracker Jack boxes around 1950.Although the prizes weren't exactly mindblowing,they set the basis for cereal prizes for years to come.

The early prizes consisted of action figures,metal toys
and 3-d glasses.They also came in sets most of the time.
It was to the point where we cared more about the prize
than the actual cereal. But times are different now.

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Unfortunately, those days are long gone.
Today they are distributed in 2 ways:

1)By mail-stupidest concept ever.Good example,I would see a cereal box that says FREE CAMERA INSIDE.Then I would say : wow thats really generous.Only to read the
microscopic letters that read:by mail of 50,000 tokens and $3.99.
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Really? How can this be considered free If you have to
spend like $70.00 on cereal ? What happened to just sending in 5 boxtops by mail to the cereal company?

As technology expanded,around the late 90s,unlikely items such as cassetes,DVDs became prizes.(Cheapskates)

2)Method 2 is the actual free prize found inside the box
but outside the bag.Sometimes they"re not actually that bad, but the prizes get cheaper.

I often open a cereal box expecting something half decent only to discover that I've gotten a CD instead.
(It contained an episode of Friends on DVD)
Why not just give me a mouse trap while you're at it ?

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Just my opinion people, but, I think some would agree.