Imagine its 1990 or maybe 1992, around that time. And the X-Men movie has just hit theaters. Who would be in it? Would it be better than the 2000 version? Here is my take on What If... the X-Men movie had been made in the early 1990s

DIRECTOR: Quentin Tarantino

I think Tarantino would have directed the bloodiest fight between Sabretooth and Wolverine imaginable. Guts and Blood flying everywhere. Plus his dialog would have been excellent.

Wolverine: You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Genosha?

Professor X: Sean Connery

My name is X, Charles X. He's bald, he's a badass, and he looks great in a wheelchair (See Goldfinger)

Wolverine: Robert DeNiro

Robert DeNiro was a tough SOB in the 90s, and could have kicked the crap out of Hugh Jackass.
"Say Ello to my little friends, all 6 of them"

Cyclops: Tom Cruise

Before Tom Cruise went crazy, he was a solid actor. Yes, he would need to wear shoes with six inch thick souls, but otherwise, he'd be a great Cyclops.

Jean Grey: Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford was the hottest model of the early 90s, and as anyone who has seen 1995's "Fair Game" knows, she is a very talented actress.

Rouge: Hillary Clinton

Both are Southern Belles, Both have a touch that can kill a man.

Iceman: Vanilla Ice

Before Snoopy Dog, Doctor Drew, 50 center, and the rest of the idiot Gangster rappers ruined the genre, there was Vanilla Ice.
"Go X-Men, Go Go Go Go, Go X-Men, Go Go Go Go"
He was the highlight of TMNT2, and he'd be the highlight of an early 90s X Flick.

Gambit: Jean Cluade Van Damme

Why? Because it's the 90s nuff said

Sabretooth: Hulk Hogan

O Yeah, step into a slim jim. Hogan is like 6 and a half feet tall and all muscles. He would tower over Robert De Niro's Wolverine.

Magneto: Client Eastwood

Go Ahead, Mutie, make my day.

Apocalypse: Shaq

Before CG, you would need a big dude to play Apocalypse. Shaq is about 9 foot tall in real life, and he can act (See: Steel and that Genie Movie)

Yep, a 1990s X-Men movie would have kicked ass and made over 80 millions dollars (which is about 9 Billion in today's dollars).