The Hardy Boys are a series of children's that stood the test of time and has been done in many different forms It all started with this book right here "The Tower Treasure" a classic in my opinion. I started reading these back in middle school When I came across one of these books and I was intrigued eventually I couldn't get enough of them. Whenever I saw this logo or the last name Dixon which by is part of the Ghost name Franklin w. Dixon that was used for these books. I knew I was in for a treat.

There were so many different series to choose from but for me the two best series "The Hardy Boys" and "The Hardy Boys" CaseFiles"

I just thougt these were the two best series , The Oringinal that's what started it all and "Casefiles" was great because of the raw and intense emotion in the books it was an action movie but only better because you could imaigine it in your head.

My all time favorite Hardy Boys book comes from "The Casefile" series and "Brother Against Brother"

The Basic plot of this one is joe needs to a coded message somewhere in Coloadro but before he can do that he is hit on the head and gets aminesia, while back at Frank worries because his brother has been missing for a long time. He goes to out to Coloardo to try and his brother, he eventually does Joe thinks Frank is the enemy. This entire book is a chase with the brothers being put in the postion of having to go against each other. It's just great

Me, pesonally I never saw the TV show From what I have read though it dos sound like something a true Hardy Boys fan should check out

Unforunately Hollywood wants to ruin this great book series by turining it into a comedy film titled "The Hardy Men" First off, the title does not work and then apparnetly in the movie Frank & Joe had a falling out and haven't talked to each other in years but now they retun home because their dad passed away and they have to solve the mystery of his death. In case your woindering Frank & Joe would be played by these two

I personally don't like the idea of it and I believe if you want a "Hardy Boys" Adventure, pick up one of their books