Well, I had to write about my Saturday morning rituals in the 1980s. Because so much has changed since then I have to salute my childhood.

Saturday Mornings Are A Fun Time For Me

And the word "fun" is the operative word for me. Going to bed early on Friday night thinking about what shows I was going to watch.

The ritual of Saturday mornings in my house usually consisted of waking up around 7:00 AM or so eating breakfast and then sitting around the TV to find something of worth to watch. Most importantly there was an abundance of TV shows that my brother and I loved to watch.

The old analog TV

G.I. Joe... I don't recall if I had sneaked behind my mother's back to watch this show because I wasn't allowed to watch this.

As an 11 year old girl Mark Wolfe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was my all time favourite.

Cartoons were the norm around my house until I was around 7 and then I wanted to watch the music video shows.

Friday Night Videos on NBC.

American Bandstand on ABC

And all of the other music video shows. Until the advent of MTV in 1981 and Muchmusic in 1984.

Music Videos by Artists Who Were Important To Me

These are the shows where I would see at least one british synth pop act's video such as Duran Duran, Tears For Fears, or Depeche Mode.

Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal of Tears For Fears. My first exposure to british synth pop bands of the 1980s

Duran Duran Clockwise: Andrew "Roger" Taylor, Nigel "John" Taylor, Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, and Andy Taylor.

Depeche Mode from L-R: David Gahan, Martin Gore, Alan Wilder, and Andrew Fletcher

Independently Run TV Stations

Yes these were the days before Fox, CW, and other huge corporate conglomerants ruled the airwaves. In my time there was no such thing as network afilliation. Just independently run TV stations that had nothing but cartoons on Saturdays.

Then fledgling network called YTV took Canadian airwaves by storm on 09-01-88.

Then with the end of the era of the 1980s came the end of my Saturday morning rituals. I was a teenager and had been less and less into cartoons. There was nothing on that was worth watching anymore until 7 years later but that's just another story all together.

I won't bore you guys with what I used to watch in the 1990s because honestly you would cringe.

So that's it for now.