These were awesome, to anyone who had these as a kid knows the greatness they possessed, POGS were a form of currency in most schools. Who would have thought paper with pictures and metal slammers would be so fun.

Although I didnt own it myself, seems like there wsa always that one kid who would bring it to school everyday, This was addictive, no matter what you did you were meant to fail.

Now this was a rad game, they made hitting light up buttons seem impossible, when you think you got it figured out, they would switch it up to the most insane pattern ever, but it was all in good fun

Classic excuse for mischeif, did any other schools besides my elemantary school ban pokemon cards?? according to teachers it was a form of gambling hahahaha the nerve of them

Pure genius, Thats all i'm gonna say

Now this was an insane mind blowing toy, the gamegear and mighty morphin power rangers game was all I needed to get through the day

Jacks were just too cool

Marbles was always the one game I sucked at, but they were awesome to collect, The more marbles, the more power you had on the playground

Look out for part 2, coming to a retro theater near you