Hey guys! This is my top 10 albums of all time. They all range between 1970 to 1990, so they are all still retro (within reason). It took me a long time to think about this, as I am a great music lover, and I know people will not agree with this as it is pretty much the same bands and singers, but to be honest, I don't really care! So here it is; my top 10 albums of all time.

#10: Prince - Around The World In A Day (1985)

Most would most certainly disagree when I say this, but I greatly preffered this to Purple Rain. I love this album purely because it has this great sound to it, and several great and catchy songs, like Paisley Park, Raspberry Beret and Pop Life.

#9: Aerosmith - Toys In The Attic (1975)

This album is just legendary. There's no other words you can use for it. It is just half an hour of pure rock genius, and although the majority of people would say Rocks was the better album, I would disagree. Plus, you got some of their best and most legendary songs from this album, like Toys In The Attic, Walk This Way, Sweet Emotion and Big Ten Inch Record. Just pure legend!

#8: Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies (1973)

Again, this is another legendary album that every true rocker should adore. This was, in '73, THE bestselling rock album of the year, and going straight to #1 in the charts for a number of weeks. You get so many great songs, that are considered essential gems with every Alice Cooper fan, like Hello Hooray, Elected, Billion Dollar Babies, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Generation Lanslide and my personal favourite, I Love The Dead.

#7: Aerosmith - Nine Lives (1997)

Again, another immortal rock album, especially in the minds of any Aerosmith fan. From this album, you just got so many great songs, like smash hits Falling In Love (Is So Hard On The Knees), Pink and Hole In My Soul. I love every song from this album, but my favourites were always Ain't That A Bitch, The Farm and Something's Gotta Give; all three I would recommend to any rock and Aerosmith fan alike.

#6: Aerosmith - Rock In A Hard Place (1982)

Most people would greatly disagree if I were to say this album was better than both Nine Lives and Toys In The Attic, which, in proffessional musical circles, it most certainly, without a doubt, isn't. But this album I've always thought just has this really catchy, earthy feel to it, and during songs like Prelude To Joanie and Joanie's Butterfly, has really quite a disturbing hidden message deep within it, which I love in an album.

#5: Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation (1987)

Again, another Aerosmith album. This one again also is just pure legend, just because every song is so unimaginably brilliant and catchy. You also got a variety of Aerosmith's biggest ever hits including Rag Doll, Angel, and easily any rock fan's favourite Aerosmith song, Dude (Looks Like A lady). Also I got some of my personal favourite songs from this album, like Hangman Jury, St. John, Heart's Done Time and Permanent vacation.

#4: Bjork - Homogenic (1997)

I bet right now, if you're an absolute metal head or rocker reading this now, you cannot believe how I could spoil this list with Bjork and Prince. Well, They still are just brilliant albums and singers alike. And I absolutely love this album in particular, purely because of how aggressive Bjork's voice is on this album, and how truly amazing every song on this album is.

#3: Michael Jackson - Bad (1987)

This album is just legendary; it is the only album EVER for a singer to have had six #1 singles. Those of course were Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man In The Mirror, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Dirty Diana and the UK hit, Smooth Criminal. The album also had other singles that remain a staple in MJ's career, like Leave Me Alone, Another Part Of Me and Liberian Girl. Smooth Criminal has to be my favourite song from this album, simply because it is pure song-writing genius, as is this album.

#2: Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare (1975)

Pure genius. There's nothing else to it. This magnificent piece of work has to be any Alice Cooper fan's favourite, simply because of the awesome work put into the arrangement, the lyrics, the eerie yet stunning concept behind the album, and of course the sheer brilliance and variation of Alice's vocals. The concept of this album of course was showing the nightmares, in sequence of a mentally disturbed child named Steven, and the album concludes with him committing murder... even seeing the story written like this just intrigues you enormously! A dazzling album where you get Some of Alice's biggest and most memorable hits including Welcome To My Nightmare, Department Of Youth and the smash hit ballad Only Women Bleed. A definite recommendation.

#1: Aerosmith - Pump (1989)

You've heard me describe the majority of the albums in this list with a lot of description and graphic detail... when it comes to this album, I just can't. It's too amazing for words. With the combination of Steven Tyler's truly dazzling vocals, the genius of the miscellaneous lyrics, and the amazing power in the guitar and drums by Joe Perry and Joey Kramer, not to mention the brilliance of bassists Brad Whitford and Tom Hamilton, this all creates one of the most amazing albums of all time (my personal favourite, obviously). From this album you got the smash hits Love In An Elevator, Janie's Got A Gun, The Otehr Side and What It Takes. Plus you had every other song on the album: Young Lust, F.I.N.E., Monkey On My Back, My Girl, Don't Get Mad, Get Even and Voodoo Medicine Man... all of them some of my favourite songs of all time. Yes, this truly is, in my eyes (or ears rather), the best album of all time.