"Goonies R' Good Enough" need I say more, But since this is one of my all time favorite 80s movies of all time I gotta say more. This movie literally shaped me into the man I am today, I remember the first time I saw this great adventure movie, the sun was shining and the 80s music was flowing through my veins, I walked into the video store to rent whatever cover looked the coolest and thats when I saw it.

Just the cover alone was enough to pick it up and breifly read through the movie description, the more I read the more I wanted it. After throwing together some change I finally approached the clerk and thus began my epic journey to view one of the greatest action/adventure movies of my childhood. So after I hit up my local 7-11 for some 25cent candies and a slurpee to fuel my excitment, I jumped on my bike and began to peddal as fast as a boys legs could go. Luckily I only had to travel in a straight line, after my sugar fueled bike ride was over I ran into my house at lightning speed that would even make the flash jealous. I took the VHS out of it's plastic prison and placed it in the VCR, The heavens slowly started to open up and for a moment it seems like everything froze. After all the junk and ads were over, the adventure began.

I sat cross-legged on the floor literally 2 feet away from the tv with my eyes opened wide and glistening, To anyone who would have seen me, I must have looked like a brain dead zombie who had fallen victim to the supernatural forces from within the tv screen (but on the other hand didn't all kids look like that when they watched tv?) From the moment we first saw "Chunk" at the pizza parler pressing his face against the glass as his pizza got ruined and his milkshake erupt in his face I was sold. And this movie had the greatest cast of actors and actresses I've seen in a movie, and til this day I still have a crush on Kerri Green who played Andrea "Andy" and her friend Stef wasn't bad either. But one of the greatest things that stuck out for me as a kid was one of the fatelli brothers who always had a song to sing, the best part was when chunk goes too look for help only to end up running into them and the dude starts to sing hahahah Pure genius and classic film making at it's finest. And when Chunk meets Sloth for the first time was the greatest meeting of all time. My how I love this movie, I've seen it about 100 times since that radical day I layed eyes upon it at the video store, It's a shame they never came out with a sequel to this movie cause I really didn't want the adventure to end. But I guess all good things come to an end so I'll leave you with the wise words of Sloth "HEY YOU GUYSSS!!!!!" hahah whenever someone says that it still brings a smile to my face.

and remember "GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE"