Hello everyone sorry for the long break from volume 2 but i just couldnt do it, i was finishing up school. Now im done and here to give you more cheese to salivate over. I looked out back in my yard noticing the over pileage of the trash can, time to clean out!

Opening the lid.....hmm this first peice of garbage looks like a magazine....smells like toxic waste.
article image Toxic Horror was a magazine that had a shorter life than the Bates motel television show. It was your regular horror magazine most say a poor mans Fangoria.but i rather enjoy it because they covered alot on the Toxic Avenger and Troma(still have the issues).But what made Toxic Horror different was it contain comics and short stories from new comers. The magazine covered books,movies,music and comics. I think this long lost magazine needs to be revived and brought back to life.

Okay what's next in the Trash Can, hmm it's covered in slime and some unmetionable substances. It looks like a vinyl record.

article image Everyone and their grandmother has played the classic video game Pac-Man. But Most have not bought the vinyl record "Pac-Man Fever" by Buckner and Garcia with the smash hit(yeah right) Pac-Man Fever, Do the Donkey Kong and Froggy's Lament. Novelty songs come and go across the world and usually sink within a year. Pac-Man Fever i think did the same thing, not many people remember or even want to talk about the album. Pac-Man fever can sit way down at the bottom of the trash can next to the brown colored toilet paper.

Okay what's next hmm these looks like two game cartridges.
article imagePeople always think im joking when i bring up this game. Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom was originaly released in 1984 im guessing for the vegans who didn't like mario, oh well.The premise of this travesty was that your a knight, Sir Cucumber(yeah) and your on a journey sent by the deceased King Broccoli to destroy the Minister Pumpkin. Oh and like every bad superhero their's a sidekick, yup your sidekick is Percy the persimmon. Dosen't that sound like fun? well it was for a couple of seconds until you realize your playing a game about fruits and veggies.
article imagearticle image
What do you guy's think? Stay in the Can or should this P.O.S by rediscovered?....Back in the Can.

Okay the second game cartidge should be better, i hope.
Anyone remember the Commodore 64? The computer system that allowed to play games? well that's okay if you dont. My friend's day had his old one hooked up and he only had one game.
article image The Munsters was and still is one of my favorite television shows when i saw the game cartridge lie my hands i went crazy.
article image
A game based on the monster family themselves i thought this is going to be awesome. And in fact it was, yeah it was really fun to play even though instead of a controller im used to i had to play with a keyboard. the graphics were great but they werent terrible way better than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game. The game's premise i really cant remember too well because i played the game when i was like 7. But my friend and i played it for at leadt 4 hours until his parents called us up for dinner. it was a good day.
article image

Alright lets dig a little deeper into the trash can,well lets see what i grabbed hmm it looks like a bad 1970's horror film-indeed it is.
article image When anyone ever asks for a bad 1970's horror film thats enjoyable to watch and always give them The Giant Spider Invasion. It's Cheese on top of Cheese. BAd acting, bad effects and Volkswagen Beetles with giant spider costumes on them.
the movie is filled with great cheese moments. Like theirs a scene where the "Giant" spiders attack a little league baseball game and you can tell their cars dressed like spiders because in some angles you can see tread marks from the tires. Do you guys want the plot? well i giving it to you anyway.A black hole hits North Wisconsin and opens a door to other dimensions. Giant 15 spiders emerge from it,Dr. Jenny Langer and Dr. Vance from the NASA try to save the world. pretty generic plot but it works on so many levels of badness. some of you have probably seen this film because it was a episode of the great Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Get Ready!
article image
If you're looking for a serious film dont watch it, but if you're looking for a film to laugh at and watch with your friends than i present the film to you.

Ahhh that was refreshing, what's next. Hmm its an unlabeled old vhs tape. Gotta go to the VCR
article image I remember being over my friend's house(he had a nicer neighborhood) and he had new neigbors that moved a week before i came over his house. The neigbors were from Canada and were having a garage sale the day i was over my friends house. I picked up this VhS tape and the guy began to talk about the show called The Hilarious House of Frankenstein and it sounded awesome. He gave the tape to me for free. my friend and i immediatly went over his house and watched it. the vhs contained about 6 hour long episodes that we both sank our teeth in. if your not from Canada you probably never hear or seen i just got lucky and found a vhs tape of the show. the show's narrorator was the great Vincent Price and it was about a mad vampire scientist and his mishaps in his lab. Their was Vampire, Wolfman,Frankenstein's Monster, Mosquito , Gorilla and a Purple sea surpent to name of few things.
article image
I really think the show should be brought back in some way it did have a long run in Canada a total of 137 episodes.

Well we got one more thing in the Trash Can for today this item is pretty small looks kind of like food.Everyone has that commercial from their childhood that always stuck with you, well im no different these commericals made me love pizza even more.
article imagearticle imagearticle image
The Pizza Head Show wastthe name of a live action parody show used in Pizza Hut commercials from 1993 to 1997 to advertise their promotions and new kinds of pizza. The commercials starred a piece of pizza named Pizza Head, who had a face made out of different toppings and his pizza cutter arch nemesis named Steve.
i remember watching the halloween commerical for the stuffed crust and immedietly going out and getting pizza.The 90's ruled.

Well thats it for ladies and gentlemen hoped you enjoyed volume 3 of the Trash Can. Have a great day, and remember recommendations are always welcome for the next installment. Volume 4 will be out very soon.