This is a Short Article on what I just seen a while back. Just Recently I went down to the Columbia Mall in Grand Forks, North Dakota and went to there Arcade and saw a Classic Movie Themed Pinball Machine that I used to play when I was a Kid.... It was of the Addams Family The Movie, and man oh man I was so blown away on how it still looked the same.

I couldn't wait to play it again. Now am not saying I'm a Pinball Master or anything but it was so much fun to play the ole machine again it really took me back to a time back in the early 1990's when I first played this game as well as the Classic Back to the Future Pinball Machine. Both game really were outstanding, I could remember the sounds coming out of the machine, as Raul Julia would say "TISH" and Angelica Houston would say"GOMEZ" to me that was what made it even cooler. So it got me thinking of asking you readers a question....what was or is your favorite movie themed pinball machine?