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Nintendo power one of the world`s most popular gaming magazines in America and Japan.The first issue released in July 1988 it ran for $3.50 an issue it went real in depth about the first Zelda game on the second quest and gave a free poster of super Mario bros 2 .
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Then in 1992 it started a comic segment with comics like The Legend Zelda a link to the past and super Mario adventures.The Zelda comic strip ran for one year in Nintendo power where as the Mario comic strip ran from 1992-1994 it told of various adventures from the mush room kingdom to journeys in Hyrule .Then in 1998 players
wrote in their questions to Nintendo power and select questions were put in the magazine and answered.

In 2009 Nintendo power released a year book that had every Zelda game created and told how Nintendo power had progressed over 20 years. It told about every system created with some of the games on them. It also told abut one rare system called the virtual boy which had five or six games on it. article image

Nintendo power has progressed from tips to comic and to year books and the hope to keep rocking it for the next 20 years and maybe more.

There you have it Nintendo power then and now. Thanks
for reading.