My Favorite Disney Character Is Professor Ratigan From The Great Mouse Detective. He's So Delightfully Wicked(Which Is Ratigan's Quote) When He's Evil.

He Hates Being Called A Rat Sometimes Until One Day One Of His Henchmen Called Him A Rat And Sends His Cat Felicia To Execute Him. One Of Ratigan's Plans Was To Capture Hiram Flaversham And Order Him To Build The Robot Version Of The Queen. Because He Wants To Replace The Queen With It. With The Queen Dead In Secret, Ratigan Will Rule All Of Mousedom As King After His Plan Will Succeed. Basil Of Baker Street Found Out About The His Plan After He Trapped Basil And His Sidekick Dr Dawson To A Trap Which Is A Greatest Thing Ever.

They Escaped Along With Olivia, However, And Foil Ratigan's Plan To Take Over Mousedom. Ratigan Escapes After Capturing Olivia With Basil And The Others Chasing Him And They Crash Into Big Ben Where They Have A Final Battle.

Basil Defeats Ratigan By Stealing His Bell And Rings It Causing The Bell To Chime 10:00 PM Shaking Ratigan Off The Clock's Hand Sending Him To His Death. Ratigan Grabs Ahold Of Basil, But Because Of His Weight, They Both Fall To The Clouds. Later, Basil Is Shown Using The Propeller From Ratigan's Balloon.

Professor Ratigan Is My Favorite Disney Character Ever Voiced By Vincent Price And I'll Always Love Ratigan No Matter Even Though He's A Rat. Professor Ratigan ROCKZ!!!!!

I Thought There's Gonna Be A Sequel In The Future, But Those Morons Lied. Can You Believe That!?!?

Who Cares? Professor Ratigan Is Still The Greatest Character Ever.