These are mostly from 2nd grade, which I was in in 1998-1999. That was the height of my hip-saying, having friends and being normal life. In Connecticut when I was like 6-7. These my top ten phrases:


Disrespectful. Maybe you are not friends with someone for today, so at recess you sneak up to them while they're on the swings with a bunch of your friends, and you sing

You ain't got no allaby,
You ugly.
Yeah, yeah, you ugly."

You may say this as a joke, but it usually always hurts the person's feelings, so you shouldn't.
I'm not sure how this originated, but it was from the movie Bicentenial man. I heard this the time that movie came out, so that may be why everyone was singing it.

Talk the hand

Also disrespectful. If someone is talking to you, you say "Talk to the hand" or
"Talk to the hand, 'cause the face ain't listenin'.

It's an attitude phrase. You could just be mad at someone, they don't even have to be saying anything, and you can be like "Talk to the hand". Or it could be a comeback for a comeback someone told you.


Fine then...
3. You're not my FRIEND ANYMORE
2. I'm never talking to you AGAIN!!
1. You're not invited to my birthday.

Those threats meant if you didn't do what this person wanted, the threat would happen.

Story: In second grade I had 2 best friends, Amber and Linda. They knew each other before me, but I lived next to Amber so I was pretty close. Almost every day I would do something, like maybe Amber would say a dirty joke and I wouldn't laugh. I would get the "You can't talk to us anymore", so neither Linda nor Amber talked to me. I went with my friend Elizabeth who my mother wanted me to be friends with and who had almost the same last name as me while Amber and Linda were deciding when they could talk to me again. One time, I got Amber mad and I couldn't talk to her. She decided I could talk to her again, but I said "No." and then in summer school she gave me mean looks the whole time. I moved that year and never talked to her ever since.



"What's your favorite TV show? I know that my favorite is"

"JINX!!!!!!!!! Knock on wood" -Knock knock-

Another thing that has no point. After the whole spiel is done you go right back to your conversation.

One I didn't hear until I was 14 is:

"Pinch, poke, owe me a coke,
Slap punch, owe me a lunch,
And then the other person says "STOP!!!"
and you say "You owe me 12 cokes :)"
I did this one while I was 14-15 at my boarding school to this one girl a lot, but it got annoying for me and her so I stopped.


The "sike" made it so that whatever you said would now not mean anything. Like, "just kidding". You could say "You're cool!" and then the victim would say
">:( You're a meanie"


Some Good Comebacks

If someone said something to you, like "You're stupid!" you could say one of two things:

"I know you are, but what am I?"

"I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you".

The 1st option would open the door for them to say something else, because you asked them what you are. It goes in a circle, e.g:
"I know you are but what am I?"
"You're stupid"
"I know you are, but what am I?"
"You're dumb"
"I know you are but what am I?"

The second option is good, but its hard to remember until you get used to it. The first time you may be like
"I'm glue, you... no wait, I'm rubber, you're glue, and... um, whatever you say um... okay so I'm rubber so I bounce, okay I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces of me and sticks to you!"
But this is a powerful one, because the next person has nothing to say. If they do dare to say something, you can just say "I told you, it just goes back to you. All this is going back to you so HA"



Someone tells you to tell the teacher she's pretty.
You say no.
They dare you.
You say no.
They double dare you.
You still say no.
They triple dare you.
You still say no.
You still say no.
They say "WHat!? You can't do that!"
They say "there's no such thing"
You go "there is too"
"I KNOW I'm not stupid, I triple doggy fire dare you"

Now you have to do it.

Yes, there are levels of dares. If you're experienced you'll just jump ahead to triple doggy dare (And YES that is the official largest dare, anyone who tells you otherwise is just making stuff up or heard it from someone who made it up). A lot of people just do whatever you tell them with just a dare, which is how it should be. A dare means nothing if you only pay attention to the triple doggys and stuff.



"Michael Jordan isn't playing basketball anymore!"
"DUHHH even BABIES know that."

Duh is the kid's "obviously" or "Of coarse". Many variations on this.

"No duh."
And I've heard
"Joy, Doyyy"

Loser, Loser

I liked doing this with my friends. It comes with wicked cool hand signs and some flavorful words.
Loser Loser (one, then two loser signs)
Double Loser (joined at the thumb)
As if (put upside down)
Whatever (each pushed the opposite direction until resembling a butterfly or W
Get the picture (two hands on each side of face, then on top and bottom, like a picture frame)
DUH ("Talk to the hand" sign)

It's like a valleygirl thing. But boys and girls did it, it was just so fun and hip and attitude-y.


Punch Bug
This is something I still do. When you see a Bug BMW car, you say
Punch bug (color of car) No punch back!

There's really no point to this, except that person just got to punch you and you can't punch back I guess. You need to be the first to spot this car. If you spot a new car, and the other person does also, you need to quickly punch them first. If you are passing a BMW dealership it's just a big giant mess, and you need to cross your fingers fast. Crossing your fingers means no one can punch you. But you need to make sure to SHOW people your crossed fingers, or they will punch you, and then apologize but it won't even matter because they punched you anyway, which is the WHOLE POINT OF THE GAME.

This has many variations, for instance in Canada I heard "Punch bug, no backsies", and some other ones in different places.

Like I said, I still do this, and every time I do it to my sister she's like "DON"T TOUCH ME!!!" and then I get in trouble. But it's a habit.