I am a Broadway GEEK! I love all things Broadway (might I add the Tony Awards are coming up on June 7th) I really think the Broadway shows now are great, but some NEED TO MAKE A RETURN! These are the top 5 which need to make a revival.

At number 5... Please Don't Cry For Me Argentina!
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This was an amazing show, mostly because of Andrew Lloyd Webber. The lyrics are moving, but the only way this show could come back, is if the amazing Patti Lupone came with it. She is the only one who could take the spot as Evita.

Number 4... I Want A Dirt Bike, I Want A Wonder-Bra!
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This was very under-rated. An entire cast full of teens, they can all sing too! One of my favorite's, the girl who plays Cassie, was in Mary Poppins, so I like her. You need to listen to some of the lyrics. They are so true!

Number 3... The Iced Tea Spilled!
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This was on broadway for a very short amount of time, and it not remembered alot. It was nominated for 3 Tony's. I loved the children books and the songs were very cute. They didn't try to make it what it wasn't and I appreciate that!

Number 2... Be Our Guest
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This was the best Disney on Broadway production EVER! The classic songs, hero's, villans, and dances. I love every bit of this. Anneliese van der Pol was amazing in this production as the 17th Belle. I hope she would reprise her role if it came back.

And Number 1... HEY BIG SPENDER!
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I love this musical so much. Best song ever has to be If My Friends Could See Me Now. The only one who could reprise the role, for me, is Christina Applegate. Who knew she could sing?? Anyway Let's hope it does a revival of the revival!

Honorable Mentions are coming soon!