Hi everone its Jake I wantedto tell you about my favorite video game system

It was morning christmas of 1997 and after going through my stocking and gifts under the tree my aunt pulls out this big box and says this from me so I unwrapped it fast and I couldnt believe it it was a Sony Playststion the system I was dying to have. I was palaying Super Nes before playstation so I had to get used to taking care of the disks and not scact them and stuff. Here are my favorite games for playstation

First is Spyro the dragon i loved this game most of all I always tried to rescue all the dragons but I never could find them all me and my cousin would play this game for hours.

Second is Driver My cousin got me the game and I was hooked I loved playing the mini games like loose the cops. My favorite level was San Frinsisco because there was a huge hill I drove down and the car would crash everywhere and loose control

Third is Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortez Strikes Back I liked this game I beat it then I got board with it. The hardest part for me was to run from this polar bear runnng at you and you had to jump and dog holes. I finally beat that part after a few months.

Forth is Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped I had 2 favorite levels in this game first was the Tiger on the great wall of china and the motorcycle level

Thanks for seeing my favorite system and games