Lets start off with saying my name is Troy and this is my first article, be kind, use lube... it's my first shot at the big time!


Well now... I chose this spoof movie article to express my opinions on retro, from new to old Spoof styles. Keep in mind the comments/views from this article are my own bias opinions and are completely one sided only for you to agree, or for me to not like it if you don't approve.

So sit back... eat a beer, drink some popcorn, get corny and ready for a ride down spoof lane.

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The Good:

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Released in 1980! - Rating 10 / 10

An amazing f'en classic spoof which might explain it all... it paved the way for the spoof genre. it had classic quotes, hillarious punchlines and a strange yet funny motive. Not to mention it had Leslie Nielsen in it... (LN being the spoof king in my book... along with Mel Brooks)LN being a very serious actor in films in the years past, its like watching Adam West in a spoof style... oh wait.. he is in one... Family Guy... just surprising none the less! All in all Airplane! was the start of it all and it is the root of all the evil that comes of SPOOF!

Scary Movie
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2000 - 8 / 10

Ah yes... I know some might claim that this wasn't very good... but to my surprise i was in a trance when watching this shitty movie... more teen oriented and less thought process involved, i still couldn't give this movie a bad rep... original lines, somewhat in depth story and overall good cast which we could all at the time recognize and come to like.

The Bad:

Epic Movie
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Released in 2007 - Rating 2 / 10

In Most cases a Spoof with the title having "Movie" in it is doomed... What a bitter disappointment... the film was nicely funded but lacked true genius. What is true genius for a slapstick mockery you ask? my answer... not this movie. I felt like they pushed all the obvious jokes and didn't put any intelligence into the movie... It was like watching a pre-teen reality show and had obvious fat/gay/movie/gangsta/ridiculous jokes. Couldn't they think of better material? I do have to mention i liked the Wonka idea but they still fucked it all up. I watched that shitty film and i wish i hadn't... maybe i didn't grow up in that era of comedy... but that was a useless piece of shit.

superhero movie
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Released in 2008 - Rating 5 / 10

WELL! It had Lesley Nielsen and that Drake kid in it so that was its strongest point... and to me, also its selling point. it still had its punches, decent storyline and seemed to make sense(in a spoofy way). I did notice some scenes happened to be slapstick and did have some decent jokes involved. All in all there is not much to say good or bad about this one... Oh yeah wait! It still had that pre-teen bullshit screenplay. Hense, why it is a 5/10 nothing amazing.

The Spoofles:

History of the world part 1
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Released in 1981 - Rating 7 / 10

A classic Mel Brooks film, no more no less. It had its moments but was borderline spoof to a comedy at its time... it didn't hold up the true meaning of a spoof because it had way too many open stops for joke, but didn't perform on them... The best scenes were in the very beginning of the movie... Once it got to the Spanish Inquisition, it loses all hope... It then becomes bland and just.......... classic. But I still hold this movie as an amazing spoof/not really and it will always be in my heart.

The Godson
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Released in 1998 - Rating 4 / 10

This film was a Rip off of what film...? Do I really need to say it? Anyway... The Godfather was a great classic mafia film and this one wanted to rip it off and toss that shit into a comedy grinder... but the main character Kevin McDonald(best in Kidz in the Hall) played his normal frail character type and was not amusing by all means. slightly less than a decent film but it did not perform or even keep the viewer excited or interested in the film. The slapstick was over played or not even funny to the mind.

I know there are movies i have not touched base on or I am naming the cast, crew and thier blood types... I will go based on the feel and approval of fellow retro junkers. This may be a part 1 to a few part series but i will not title it part 1 .... give it a number, FAIL in my mind.

If you haven't seen these movies I urge and suggest you go out and find them to watch and to see.

I hope you approve and see you next time. Spoofer OUT.