Year One. Everyone loves you. Maybe you get cold and start freaking out and start crying. Or something is loud and you don't know what it is. Your stomach hurts sometimes until they put things in your face and you feel better again. You are confused and don't know whats going on, but still most of the time things are happy. Big things wrap themselves around you, making you feel warm. You fall asleep to a circle hovering above you playing pretty sounds. Life is pretty good.

Year Two. You want to copy the big ones. They talk, you move your mouth and try. You're acting just like them. You're playing with your driving wheel toy, pretending to be like them. You also are learning more and more things about this world. Sometimes you will do something the big ones don't like, and will have something bad happen to you that may hurt your hand. But they still hug you and put their face to yours, making you feel warm. You still have your bed, and you still have a wonderful life.

Year Three. Years old: Everyone loves you. You say something, and they laugh. You are great. The best. Everyone pays attention to you. You now know the basic things you should do and shouldn't do. You try not to, but manage to get in trouble once in a while. You love your parents, you love your stuffed animals and any other toys/things, and you just love your life!

Year Four. Your parents dropped you off at a place with other children your age. They wanted you to stay there alone, so you screamed "NOOO!!! MOMMY!!! I DONT WANT TO BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOO MOMMY NOOOOO!!!!" while crying so much you couldn't control your sniffling, and they just came unexpectedly out of no where. Mommy made you stay there anyway. The adults there didn't pay special attention to you, they didn't know what foods you liked. You came home and your bed was gone, you had to have a big kids bed without sides. You felt as if people cared less, but you got used to it. Your mom stopped carrying you like she used to, now you have to sit on her lap to be close. You start being okay with it, because you don't think that other kids are still doing that anyway. You made some new friends at school and now want to go everyday. Some one invited you to their birthday, which was fun, and you like having friends. Nice life.

Year Five. You started the 1st grade! It wasn't that scary, but it was a little exhausting. You had to learn stuff, even though it is sort of fun. You don't call your mom "mommy" anymore, no one else does except for babies. You have a crush, they're very good looking, and nice. You and your friends hang out on the swings playing games and seeing who can go the highest. That kid behind you is really mean, and such a DUMMY! Your mom packs you gross lunches and is at work most of the time when you come home, but you still see her during the weekends and most of the days. But you love art class, and you love your teacher, and you love your life!

Year Six. YOU CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR IN SECOND GRADE!!! You have new neighbors. They have a 6 year old, Nick which means your automatically friends. You play soccer with him and sit next to him on the bus. School is going okay, you're learning cursive which is just so hard. You got in trouble at school for passing a note, so you had to be grounded for a whole week. You cried and cried. Also, you wanted one of those little cars that kids can drive you saw from the commercial, but didn't get it. You BEGGED your mom at the store and cried so she'd give it to you, but she still didn't do it, plus you got in trouble for it. But, your mom said you're going to have a baby sister, so you're happy about that. You love your new baby sister, your friend Nick, and your life is going pretty good.

Year Seven. You wish your sister would just disappear. No one pays as much attention to you now. Now you've got this whining, dripping, bald little fat thing named "Zoe" that just cries all day. It can't even speak. It likes to hold your finger with its hold hand... did you know it's WHOLE HAND to fit JUST your pinky? And it has such a funny laugh. You guess it's cute sometimes... but still, it's yucky and annoying. School is going alright, though you have to sit RIGHT next to JESSICA B. She thinks she's so much better, but at least she reads slow. That way after she reads "t... th... there w... was a b.. boy who s..." You can show off by reading fast right after. Her eyes were watery after you did that and she looked down with her face red, so you read slower the next time. You asked her to sit with you at lunch and you were friends ever since. Your sister is starting to talk... you can play some games with her, but for the most part she's a stinky little gross thing.

Year Eight. Someone called you fat today.You kept your head down in the bus, ran home and looked at the mirror and wondered how you never noticed this. So you start wearing T shirts at the pool in case anyone says that again. Nick asks you why, and you say "I don't know". Nick said "Well aren't you too hot in it? Just wear your bathing suit, DUH, you look silly" So you just wore your bathing suit and no one made fun of you. You sister is fun to color with. You made some new friends this year, and your mom started staying home all the time, because she didn't like her job anymore. It's a sunny day so you roller blade on the driveway.

Year Nine. You don't WANT to move. You want to STAY. Your BEST FRIENDS ARE HERE!! NICK IS HERE, YOU LIVE NEXT TO THE SWIMMING POOL!!!! "NO I'M NOT GOING WITH YOU!!! JUST GO WITHOUT ME!" The kids here are mean. They look a lot older than your friends and look like they are from TV or something. They call you "quiet" and chant "speak, speak, speak, speak". They eventually stopped as you learned to come in exactly at 7:50 so the teacher will be there, to sit in the back, and to never make eye contact. You eat your lunch in the bathroom and try to make your mom feel guilty about changing your life like this. Though you want her to know you hate it here, you also can't pass up the opportunity to talk to her when she's not at work, so you always decide you'll hold off the ignoring until tomorrow and talk to her about everything for now. You go to the nurses office a lot, faking sick to call your mom. But that wears off after a while and she starts knowing your faking. Your only friend is Zoe. You mostly stay in your room and think about back at your old school. Nick, Jessica, Ms. Lange, rollerblading in the driveway (Now you don't even have a driveway, just a million houses on a busy street). You cry and wish that you could please go back or at least be happy.

Year Ten. Your mom put you in an arts and crafts class. A girl from school, Chloe, is also there. She sits next to you and tries to talk, but you don't know what to say. One day she starts talking about her favorite movie, which you then said "that's MY favorite movie!" and you smile in front of someone for the first time in forever. Chloe is the most popular at school, so she lets you hang out with her, and people stop calling you names. But she told you your clothes are sort of dumb, and everyone makes fun of them. You start dressing like her, eating like her, and putting "likes" in your sentences every once in a while. You roll your eyes, and flicker your eyelashes. The more you do these things, the more people want to talk to you. You enjoy having friends, but didn't know it was so much work. You've stopped trying to make your mom feel guilty for this, but you don't talk to her as much. She works a lot.

Year Eleven. You wish your mom would stop being around you all the time. She embarrasses you in front of all your friends and you're a MIDDLE SCHOOLER. Your sister steals your stuff. You are used to it here as the times you think about your old home are from every day to every week to hardly ever. Your main concerns are what people think of you, and how you can get Sky to like you.

Year Twelve. YOU HATE YOUR MOM!!! She doesn't understand ANYTHING!!!! Your sister is now in 1st grade, so she's less annoying and more like your friends. Your mom said "I have a surprise for you! Nick and his family came to visit us!" At first you were like, "Nick?..." He was lame. He had such dumb clothing and was a goody two shoes. Your life is just so hard and stupid.

(What have you become).