The first school lunch I remember is when I was in day care. My mom gave me a bag with I think a peanut butter sandwich and a banana. I always threw the banana out in the garbage and ate some of the sandwich.
I liked making peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches at that time. Now I think it's gross, but I liked it back then.

In first grade, (I skipped kindergarten), I started getting Juicy Juice. I liked it especially because they advertised it on Arthur, so it reminded me of the theme song. (Every day when ya walkin down the street...)
One time, I was sitting at a table with these two girls, and I said 'Wanna see how Daffy Duck drinks Juice?" and they were like "Okay" and I drank the juice, said "WHAT!?" and then spit it out. They were like "EW!" and I just stared at the juice on our matt we were sitting on and thought "...Maybe I shouldn't have done that".
I also brought Mott's applesauce containers. One time I was sad because I didn't have a spoon, and the principal came and showed me how to make a spoon with the foil lid.

In second grade, I brought Lunchables to school. I got the pizza kind with the stiff pizzas and the tomato sauce. They came with a Juice Box I think. After a while, I found out about the kinds with the cheese sauce and chocolate sauce, and M&M's as toppings. I started trying to get those ones. Also, I brought Dunkaroos, and HandiSnacks.

When I didn't bring lunch, I had school lunch. I usually got a tuna fish sandwich, that was my favorite. And always a chocolate milk. You know, the one's in the carton, that you have to fold a certain way.

Third Grade. I got school lunches, always with a chocolate milk. Ate Lunchables on special occasions... 3rd grade is when I started drinking Capri Sun. Capri Sun also came in the Lunchables, and almost everyone had Capri Suns. We usually only got Fruit punch, but tried others like strawbery kiwi sometimes.
I also ate Go-Gurt a lot. And I think those cheese string stick things. With the cool cheese dude with the wacky hair.

In Fourth grade, I tried out the new Mickey Mouse drink. It was like Capri Sun, but I knew it wouldn't last long. It wasn't that good either. A lot of other people brought in these clear juice things, I think they were Kool-Aid juices. I didn't like them, but I never tried them.
I also had those sprink'lins yogurt.

Fifth grade I mostly had school lunch, always with a chocolate milk carton. My mom was a vegetarian then, so I brought tofu to school, and people were making fun of it. I LOVED Danimals drinkable Yogurt. My mom would buy a pack and they'd be gone in day because of me.

Sixth grade, I had mostly school lunch also. This was the first time I ever tried a regular milk instead of chocolate. I think I also tried strawberry. I liked the strawberry but not the normal.

Seventh grade I went to like 4 different schools:

School #1 we had like 3 school lunch lines. One for pizza, nachos, chips and hot food like that, one for salad, and one for cold food. Also, one for ice cream! I mostly got nachos or an ice cream.

School #2 I ate lunch by myself next to my locker, because I got made fun of. I brought small snacks I think, like a capri sun, and read books.

School #3 I went to the salad bar. I had trouble sometimes because I was nervous being new, so sometimes my hands would shake as I put the salad in my mouth. But I always got a chocolate milk.

Eighth grade - Went to a bunch of schools here also.

School lunch. I sat at someone's table, but they later didn't want me to sit there because I never talked.

Late eighth grade and all of ninth grade
A Boarding school. We had SO MANY GOOD FOODS TO EAT!!!
We mostly had southern food because this school was in Missouri. We mostly ate salads, chicken, etc. But we had this SICK jello with like lettuce that I didn't like. Also, gross sourkrout. And yams, ew.

10th grade
I was homeschooled a lot of tenth grade. But I went to a couple schools. There, I didn't eat. I never ate anything at those schools because I was too shy. I just sat in the library and read books. This was the year I started liking granola and yogurt mixed together.

11th grade (Now)
I'm homeschooled. I enjoy:
Quesadillas, Cinnamon cereal, Ice cream, granola and yogurt, and.. yeah. I can't bring myself to eating meat any more though. Probably because like a week ago I saw a cow, and thought "Oh my goodness... I don't want to eat him!" So I don't eat meat any more.
Right now, my mom and grandma are out at Friendly's eating, and she said that she'd get me a Friend-Z (They used to be called Cyclones). So yay!