well this is my first article here please forgive the misspeling ok lets get started

well my name is joaquin i live in tijuana mexico i was born in 1979 so i grue up in the 80 and i loved spending my week ends watching movies with my cousins and friends now that im almost 30 i have taken it upon myself to get as much 80s movies on dvd as possible right up untill now more then half of my dvd collection is 80s movie the other half being disney ones and it al started out with the care bears movie i kidd you not the one that right now im serching for is the wizard with fred savage i belive just a couple of days ago i got ferris bullers day off here is little list of movies that i have

the dark crystal
teen wolf 1 & 2
back to the future trilogy
the care bears movie 1 & 2
ghostbusters 1 & 2
my stepmom is an alien
masters of the universe
elvira mistres of the dark
gremlins 1 & 2
The witches
mortal kombat 1 & 2
the neverending story 1 & 2
transformers the movie (cartoon version)
stephen kings IT
indiana jones boxed set
puppet master 1,2 & 3
batman (tim burton)
batman returns
grease 1 & 2
who framed roger rabit
bram stockers dracula
pet semetary

those are the ones i remember at the top of my head what i love about these movies is that when you pop one in to the dvd player it takes you back in time to when your ownly worries were to get good grades and be good as your parents would put it over all its nice to see that there is a comunity like this who enjoys remebering the good oldvtimes thank you all:)