Mcogfan is back again, with yet another Epcot article, I'm sure glad that most of you out there appreciate my good work on me telling all of you my favorite Epcot Future world attractions, so now we come to what I had mentioned before was my second favorite attraction.

This is like no other ride you've ever ridden before in your life. It's probably the one of its kind.

This ride let's you ride on sunlight as the roof is covered with photovoltaic cells that collect solar rays from the sun. I was always wondering that if on a cloudy day if the ride would stop if it wasn't sunny outside, oh well, anyway, Universe of Energy opened with Epcot's grand opening, and it shows about the study of different uses of energy and about how they have become useful to us over the centuries. There have been two versions of this ride the first lasted from 1982 to 1996 and the second one still runs. First, I will tell you about the first version, the first version I found was completely educational in a way.

As we make our way inside, we see a set of rotating screens above us in the first theatre; these screens were created by Czech film director, Emil Radok.

This first film tells us about different types of energy and how it is beneficial to mankind, I think that's how it goes. The film ends with a great song called, "Energy, you make the world go round", I remember I saw some guy next to me wave a cigarette lighter as the film was coming to a close, I was surprised he didn't get thrown out after that.

Now we make our way into a second theatre and are seated inside one of six vehicles.

Now we see the second preshow film that talks about the history of fossil fuels, I found this part to be a bit eerie in a way. The music and the animation I think that's what makes it that way.

It's Jurassic park time, as our vehicles come to life we are now transported back to the time of the dinosaurs. When I first went on this, I was terrified because I thought it was real and we were gonna be eaten.

We're now back in the present and to our left, we see a series of monitors that show us where there is more energy to be found, an announcer tells us that we will see how more energy resources will play a big part to serve man.

We now watch a five minute presentation about the world's energy needs. It takes around the world and shows people doing what they can to keep energy sufficient.

Now we end with another great song and a wonderful light show, the thing I liked about the ending was the colors, the lights and the music, the song, "universe of energy", has to be without a doubt, my favorite Epcot theme music to date.

The first version is simply the best for me.

Now I will talk about the second version of the ride; the second version is a lot more comedic than educational, it starred Ellen Degeneres, Bill Nye the Science guy, Jamie Lee Curtis and Alex Trebek; the show was called "Ellen's Energy crisis."

The one thing I hated about this was the rotating screens were gone and flat screens were replaced in theater 1. And now, here's how the show goes.

Ellen Degeneres Welcomes us to the Universe of Energy and tells us about the most bizarre dream that she had.

Another Ellen is sitting in her apartment watching Jeopardy and finds out her college roommate, Judy Peterson is on.

Just then, Bill Nye the science guy comes to pay her a visit to borrow some condiments and sees Judy on TV. Ellen isn't all that fascinated about energy but Bill says that it plays an important role in the universe. He then leaves and Ellen falls asleep.

Narrative Ellen tells us about the dream that she had and we see that dreamy Ellen is a contestant on Jeopardy; the other contestants are Judy and Albert Einstein. The categories are all related to energy. At the end of the first round, Judy takes an enormous lead while Ellen and Einstein are tied for zero.

Ellen stops what she is doing and Bill comes to help her and takes her back in time to the history of energy.

This is the funniest part I like about this version. Ellen reminds us that there is no eating, drinking, smoking, or flash photography allowed in her dream and a castmember repeats it and Ellen mocks the castmember. She then gives us a rundown for those who come in late and tells us about what had happened.

Now we enter the next theater and sit in the solar cars and the second preshow begins.

Now Ellen and Bill are at the beginning of time, they spot a star in the distance and Bill ducks for cover, Ellen tries to direct the energy explosion but Bill grabs her in time just as the star explodes. We see an animated view arriving on Earth and Bill and Ellen show up at the time of the dinosaurs. They both leave us and now the Jurassic Park part begins.

Nothing much has changed from this part only a few narrative dialogues have been added and an animatronics Ellen can be seen fighting off a dinosaur.

We enter the next theater and a radio station called KNRG gives us up to the minute news on the changes of Earth.

We now rejoin Bill and Ellen and they are witnessing the birth of fire and how it has improved civilization; in a comedic scene, we go from each time period and see how each part of energy has played a huge part in helping improve man.

Ellen and Bill are now back in the present, and ask if the screens be widened, which it starts to become.


Bill starts to quiz Ellen on all the different types of energy. The whole thing is like a humorous perspective but she learns very well.

Now Ellen returns to the second round of Jeopardy and this time, Ellen ties up Judy for the lead, Dr. Einstein is eliminated from Final Jeopardy.

In Final Jeopardy, the category is the future of energy, and the answer is "This is the one source of power that will never run out", as they're trying to figure out the answer, we make our way back into the main theater. Judy has no answer and is wrong, she bets everything she has, and loses it all. Ellen answers "What is Brain power?" And she is correct, she betted everything she had but it's doubled and wins. Real Ellen now comes and says that's how she became an energy expert. We end with the Exxon logo coming up with a loud roar at the end.

That's that for both versions of this attraction, if any of you have any requests on what attraction I can write next on Epcot, let me know, that's it for now, see you soon.