heidi ho! it is me dededeisawesome with another article
this is about some toys from the 80s so enjoy!

the gloworm was a toy that when you hugged it it litup
they also made hard plastic toys to

aww arent they cute? there were the pound puppies and pound purries they were big sellers and i have some in my basement along wit a few others in this article

care bears are still popular today even though i dont like the new show i bet you still have yours cmon you know you do

cabbage patch kids were popular to i never had one though my sister did the garbage pail kids ripped off them bt this is better

the hot look dolls were alot like barbies just the same you know you take care of them and stuff you get the idea

smooshies were little smooshable toys that were popular the made a toy line at mcdonalds once

fluppy dogs were floppy little dogs which evolved intto webkinz today

he man was popular in the 80s and i love it baby! they were pretty cool action figures and i still have most of em including my favorite skeletor

micro machines were little racecars with racetracks you know like hotwheels

you heard of strawberry shortcake she looked much diffrent then but is still popular i see PSAs today with her

pogo ball was like a pogo stick with a bouncy ball ya know

roller racers were like miniture scooters im not positive if they are still around though

rainbow brite was like strawberry shortcake she also had a unicorn never collected them im a black guy but my sister had rainbow brite

my little pony! this was a show like carebears and gloworms my sister had like thousands of these and a castle

were the wuzzles! they had a short lived cartoon but the toys came with storys i had a few when i was younger i was born in 1987 my favorite is rhinokey

who is she ra?he mans family of course! i had a few of these guys i love he man so i love these i had a few

i dont know much about these but they were popular they could turn inside out and pop

who couldnt like teddy ruxpin i still have mine he is so cool i still have em and i play with it ocassionlyi also have his pet he told storys of his adventures all cildren should have this its great like his stories

my child dolls sold big and are like regular dolls i dont know much about them

now the best for last! star wars toys! i still collect these some of mine are very valuable and are worth 100 bucks!does anyone know where i can get a toy rancor?

i hope you liked my article ill make more soon! heidi heidi ho!