I thought I'd try my hand at creating another quiz. Sorry I could only think of a few questions, but if I did more, it would be too obvious. I'm not going to tell you what the quiz is for, hopefully this will add some spice to it. One thing is for sure, you are totally not picking which Care Bear you would be. Or are you?

1. Your hair length is:
A) Medium
B) Long
C) Short

2. Your best feature is:
A) Strength
B) Agility
C) Ability to use magic

3. Do people:
A) Hear you coming
B) Feel you coming
C) See you coming

4. People think you are:
A) Tough
B) Smooth
C) Mystical

5. Weapon of choice is:
A) Bare Hands
B) Katanas
C) Lightning

6. You would die by:
A) Self Sacrifice
B) Fighting
C) Natural Element

7. Your costume would be/include:
A) Leopard Wristbands
B) Gray Jumpsuit
C) Metal Armor

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If you have the most A's, you are the storm Thunder. Powerful, no-nonsense type of person. People do what you say because it's in their best interest not to get on your bad side. Your loyalty is second to none and you will do what ever job is asked of you, no questions asked. The bad thing is you are made of cabbage.

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If you have the most B's, you are the storm Rain. Quick, precise, deadly. This storm uses finesse to get the job done. Not to say that you can not be physical, but you prefer to do things with tact instead of force. Even though you have the ability to jump great lengths, you must be careful. Because you are explosive and if you hit something going to fast you will blow up.

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If you have the most C's, you are the storm Lightning. Dazzling, confident, you ooze coolness. You are one with the world and you have learned to harness the power of nature. Part of it anyway. You don't speak much, but don't need to. People understand what you want and obey. You have incredible power, but don't know your own strength. If you're not careful around reflective materials, you may kill yourself.

Hope you enjoyed this Big Trouble In Little China quiz and I hope it wasn't too predictable. I realize it was short, but I couldn't think of more questions that pertained to all three. Anywho, keep on raging you storms.