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[color=blue]Most of us can remember playing Video Games in our youth, but it was RPG's that really had story, emotion and character development. This article was created to shine some light on my top 5 list. You may disagree or agree as you wish, becouse it is our opinions that make us who we are. Now first I'd like to say that the first 5 Final Fantasy's re not included in my List not becouse they are not good but becouse I haven't gave them enough play effort to give them good reviews. Now onto the Top 5. ]
Number 5 Final Fantasy 8
I like this game mostly becouse the story. The story has more twists than a Tazmanian devil. The sear scope of the adventure really got me drawn into the game and the characters. Yet at sometimes the story can get alittle bit unrealistic and silly like for instance the basketball orphanage scene. The battle system wasn't changed too much from it's predeccessor. Now the music had it's ups and downs. It had a nice intro but some of the in-game music wasn't really all that grate to keep you remembering each score. All in all this game was fun and I'd recommend it if your a little boerd.

Number 4 Final Fantasy 9
I don't know what it was but this game just stuck in my head. I liked the CG Cut-scenes and how many there were. The character animations for the in-game walking were toned down from 8 but I actually prefferd them that way. It semt more like a faiy tale. The only part I truly didn't like was the way they handled you finding ummons which was quite difficult.

Number 3 Final Fantasy 6 ( 3 in America)
I only played this game in recent times but I truly loved it. There are so many different characters to choose from that you sometimes feel overwhelmed. You can even play as a moogle named mog. IP also liked the art direction of the game. Very colorful.

Number 2 Final Fantasy 10
This game had some incredible graphics. It was the first Final Fantasy to incorporate voices and full-face expressions. Now as for the leveling up it was interesting but nothing too special. I also liked how you could switch between different characters during battle.

Number 1 Final Fantasy 7
This was the one that started my love of Final Fantasy. I remember playing this with my cousin and wanting it so much. Pretty much everything about this game is great. I love the atmosphere, the story, the music and the characters. I also thing that this game has the best leveling up system of all the Fantasys. The only few downsides would have to be the blocky character animation, the not exactly top notch playstation quality cut-scenes, the static backgrounds and the fact that you can only have three characters at ounce. But besides all of that this game is still number one to me. It was my first and it certainly wasn't my last. I personally think that this would make an excellent port to the Nintendo DS.