Well, I'm back; sorry I've been away for awhile and I haven't had much to talk about up till now. As we all know, Easter is coming upon us, I haven't been much of into Easter than I did with Christmas but I do have some good memories about Easter. To all of us, Easter is a holiday where Jesus Christ died for our sins, that's what it means to the adults, but for the children it means something different; it means Bunny rabbits, candy, coloring eggs, that sort of thing. So here are my fondest memories as a child.

Coloring Easter eggs were one of my favorite things to do at Easter. I remember it was wonderful how we did it; all you had to do was dip them into colorful vinegar like substance, leave them in there for like an hour and Voila, they were colored. I always liked how they smelled when you took them out, but over the next few days they started to stink; so right after we colored them, we would always take part in that most greatest of Easter traditions, the Easter egg hunt.

I remember every Easter Sunday, I would go to visit my grandmother in the country and we would hide them in the most peculiar places, and then after we found them, we would eat them, I never could eat them because they were very disgusting, but my cousin would eat them a lot; I don't know why but he was sure pure country.

Other than the Easter eggs, a pre hunt game I would take part in was the jellybeans. I never liked Jelly beans, they tasted too sweet to me, but I always liked to try and find them; my mother would tell either me or my sister that whatever we found, we get to eat them, like I said, I didn't like jelly beans all that much so I gave them all to my sister.

Another candy I didn't like were those Cadbury creme eggs, they had this substance inside that looked like egg yolk. When I had one I gagged so much I almost threw up; sorry to say that.

Aside from the candies I didn't like, the only candy that was perfect was the chocolate bunny, I remember that me and my sister would get one and my mother said that we couldn't eat it all. I guess it was for the best.

Now we come to my favorite part, it's when I would wake up and look inside my Easter basket and see what the Easter bunny left for me. Some of things I got were those plastic like eggs filled with things like jelly beans, Reese's peanut butter cups, and so on. I remember this one time I got Super Mario Brothers 2. That by far was the best gift I got.

Well, that's all I got to say on that, I guess Easter is one of those holidays that belongs to the kids, I don't blame them, it does belong to them. I do humbly apologize if I spoke negatively about some of the things about Easter. Well, I hope to be writing something else pretty soon; I know this article is short so it's the only way I still keep in touch, so long for now.